Illuminati TRANSHUMANISM AGENDA Exposed 2020! Satanic Elite Cyborgs, VR & AI Superintelligence Idols

In Illuminati 2020 Transhumanism Agenda exposed, I talk about Satanic elite cyborgs, VR and AI superintelligence taking over and killing us. Are you ready to be a robot as the NWO plan to live forever through genetic engineering and merging with robots? Posthumanism could cause big problems, like the last generation and disability of man. Does this explain what I heard during my fast? Deus Ex is one thing, but to see this unfold for real is very disturbing. Mankind really is destroying itself with its idolatry; this is self-destruction!

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Little Donkey Pictures presents Adam II Ministries by Adam David Cherrington, prophecy scholar, teacher and author of end times prophecies book Jericho: Countdown to Oblivion (2nd Adam Edition)

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