I'm Afraid Of My Husband: Marriage Series 13

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Comment (24)

  1. It’s been a hard 5 years in my marriage and this walk with Yah. I meet Yah throw my husband I thank the most high Yah for bringing him to me and my love for my husband has been tried in all levels he has been throw the same and the spirit of jealous took a hold of him and family it’s been hard on me and the truth Yah gave me when it comes to the spiritual aspect of marriage and how it represents our marriage with Yah I know what was true in me when it came to giving my husband that respect do to him in the fear of Yah and my husband because of jealousy was used to try that love I have for him I was being attacked by him but I stand not on what I saw 👀 but what my heart believes and am not giving up on him and still it’s bumpy but I know Yah will deliver him and set us free in his son HalleluYah this is a part of my testimony in Yah love you all family shalom

  2. Its a shame that some men don't even have respect for themselves. May YAH gladly handle them. Swiftly SURELY

  3. Lol…😅 Obey Ready!!!.. But Thank You All For Really Covering This!!!! So IMPORTANT!!!🔥🔥🔥🙌🙏💪

  4. LOVE your honesty! You are a beautiful couple to admire & learn from. Thank-you for the realness. Fear in a union is simply honour. Laughter is needed too 😆

  5. Its crazy the enemy fights you and your future spouse even before you say I do…like dating couples who love each other deeply and love the Most High being tempted with all kinds of thoughts that could break them apart before they even start their lives together….I personally know this…Yah is in control + No giving up all to the glory of Yah…

  6. Okay someone said "governing our marriages", I thought marriage is a UNION since when did marriage become a governmental organization. I think people should also try to understand basic hebraic meaning of certain words. A wife is a helpemeet and a Support not a slave or robot you can command to do your bidding. The Most High gave women brain as well…and besides hebraicly to be submissive is to work to bring about the purpose and calling of your spouse to life(that is literally a wife's purpose)…submission is also working to make life easier for the other person, and not blindly following orders… And again submission is not only a husband and wife thing we are to submit to one another in other to work easily and freely for the kingdom.

  7. Ya'll made me laugh this video. Ya'll trip me out. But I agree with what ya'll said. I tend to lend ear to my wifes advice most the time because I know she is extremely intelligent and has my back. He who finds a wife that fears Yah, has found favor in his eyes😁.

    Ya'll make an adorable couple, as the wife would say.
    Shabbot shalom fam.

  8. Man, I’m glad I never married my child’s father… what they’re saying is true. He still is a “brute beast”, “I’m the man”, “what I say goes” type. In that, I was super stressed out and the disease I was diagnosed with years ago relapsed. Praise Yah that I got out of it. And all praises that TMH has given me visions of being completely healed 🙌🏾

  9. I want my husband to be my best friend. We work together laugh together get money together. Why on earth would anyone want to harm their best friend

  10. I love you two! Thank you for the correct break down and your daily example of your love for one another and most of all YAH!👑🤎🤲🏽

  11. I PRAISE Yahuah for His Wisdom and understanding that the way we act here is exactly how we should be in Heaven. If not then it's the same old same. Like husband beating his wife here, does he expect this kind of behavior to continue in Heaven?

  12. Good day family!!! Just wondering WHO? DISLIKED this beautiful couple given PROVEN facts on life love and marriage! Rules and Respect for one another~ listening and agreeing coming together as 1.WHO? Nothing but a wild 2 legged untamed mangy mutt. Sorry Watchman and Deborah FOR these 8 donkeys!! I ❤ You BOTH SHALOM FAMILY.

  13. Beautiful lesson! I really enjoyed watching and listening to you all. The life lessons were on point! Y'all are a beautiful couple ❤.
    I learned and laughed at the same time lol 😆. Thank you for sharing . Shalom ❤

  14. I enjoyed your teaching both of you are great I am. A new. To the teaching . I want to learn more about. YAHUSHA coming out of Jesus to be in truth can you help me to known YAHUSHA

  15. Y’all so cute, together had me cracking up 🤣 I love this series. My husband is my best friend also and he says that I’m the love of his life.


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