IMF slashes India's GDP forecast to 8.2% in 2022-23 | Business News | WION

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Tuesday slashed India’s gross domestic product (GDP) forecast by 80 percentage points to 8.2 per cent for financial year 2022-23.

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Comment (24)

  1. If India follows the orders of the United States to sanction Russia! Then India's economy will be even worse!

  2. All the promotions in the companies are of foreigners. Except the people's wage expenses and the total profits are also taken by the foreign traders. The job of the newspaper news anchors is only to ruminate. So shame tei ejako chaak ma thosh ..

  3. meanwhile they die india profits… by taking control of the wheat world exports and cheap oil… taking ukraines power vacuum leftover.. by producing weapons ,exporting wheat, cheap oil.and counterfeiting…now that i put those together maybe india wanted this..and knew putin plan…so much anger from wion reporters since it happened.. that playing both sides bs never ends well. you either help or your against us.. lying saying you hsve no role… you let indians lie about credentials and let scam office stay open whiole they mine american pockets..plz shed a light i unintentionally feeling ill towards india rn..for the scam shady feeling ,i feelwell just the gov… i have diverse friends

  4. Who in their right mind would believe the Indian government's economic data 😁😁😁😁 NYT is accusing India of stalling the WHO's efforts to make Covid19 deaths public with their delaying tactics 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. This inflation data is irritating me

    We need 30% annual growth/kiss good by with future epic war

    Many thing have to do n always many problem come to my way

    Ah my fortune is always gloomy

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  9. Chinese bots are feeling threatened.But don't worry we are the best for our friends and the worst for our enemies .Samajh gye ?

  10. to all my indian friends – "betich*do padhai krlo , kam dandha kro. desh ko aage le jana h. sb kuch govt pr hi mt chhodo".


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