IMMORTALITY: How close is it?

Since the dawn of time, humans have been trying to find a way to cheat death. Some researchers now believe they’re closer than ever to beating the ageing process and dramatically extending lives. Is immortality possible?
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  1. I feel like alot of people confuse immortality with invulnerability yes immortality lets you live indefinitely but you could go outside right after becoming immortal and get hit by a bus and die and easy to get immortality would cause alot of people to believe themselfs invulnerable and cause many deaths honestly go for it that would be absolutely hilarious I can picture it now YouTube clips just got my immortality I'ma jump off a cliff gone wrong

  2. No need for boredom. We'll be able to embark in amazing projects of human space exploration as well as terrestrial (complete) exploration. Many scientific experiments & revelations.

  3. Arguments against radical life extensionimmortality debunked

    "Only the wealthy will be able to afford it!"
    At first, radical life extension and or immortality tech may indeed be the exclusive province of the rich, as groundbreaking technologies tend to be when first invented, but provided the government doesn't regulate it to oblivion, radical life extension andor immortality tech will come down in cost to the point where even poorer people in the developed world can afford it. Also, isn't some income and wealth inequality a good thing? Some inequality is inevitable and a great motivator to work hard and improve your financial situation.

    "Radical life extension andor immortality will cause overpopulation and accelerated environmental degradation! ".
    Not necessarily. If overpopulation does become a problem, there's multiple remedies. For example, vertical cities and artificial floating islands could allow billions to live in comfort and enable efficient resource allocation to ensure that there's enough food and other things for everyone. Then there's space settlement. Not to mention that if technology gets good enough, trillions of people could live in a virtual universe in a supercomputer (mind uploading )

    "The longer people live, the worse their condition becomes!"
    This myth is based on the current aging paradym. Currently, the second you reach around 60 – 70 ,your health starts plummeting to the point where within the next few decades of your life, you die of the aging related complications. The main goal of basic radical life extension is to stop aging so chronological age doesn't matter much if at all anymore when it comes to overall health. This would enable people to live for hundreds or thousands of years!

    "But people who live for centuries or forever will get bored! "
    Really? Increasing technology broadens the entertainment options available. Virtual reality for example, is getting so immersive and great that there could easily be many universes to explore, build in, etc. Not to mention, vr could even let you explore the past! Then there's books, movies, TV shows, the internet, and physical forms of entertainment such as toys and recreation facilities.

    "A lack of aging will disrupt or kill several industries and lead to a thorough transformation of societies!"
    And this is a bad thing, HOW? Getting rid of the geriatric industries, the current retirement system of pensions, etc will be a good thing!

    "Death gives life meaning! "
    This subjective thing may hold true in some circles, but to suggest that death gives meaning to life isn't rational.

    "Few people want to live for hundreds of years or forever!"
    Just about the only people who really believe this are the terminally ill and those who believe that centuries long life or immortality would mean a prolonged or eternal aging nightmare. Radical life extension or immortality would inevitably involve getting rid of aging and the health horrors it causes. If more people knew that, they'd be on board with radical life extension and or immortality. Besides, if you don't want to live any longer, you won't have to take any of the treatments to make you live centuries or forever!

  4. Hello, the future has come. People are being tricked out of their eternal lives and the process is begun at birth. If you have not passed the belief in death to your child, you do not have to die. Death is eternity inside of the Sun.

  5. Hello, the future has come. People are being tricked out of their eternal lives and the process is begun at birth. If you have not passed the belief in death to your child, you do not have to die. Death is eternity inside of the Sun.

  6. since the beginning of time people wanted immortality. This is not better than promisses of heaven or the fountain of youth. You should make something of your life rather than hunting down a fairy tale. You will all die whether you like it or not

  7. What i think is really selfish is that you get to decide what other people want is not like the people are force to take the pill everyone is different an e d if do not want to don't take it and who do you think are to call someone selfish.

  8. I am glad so far that I was born because I don't know if I'd like the alternative. I do believe in eugenics. For example, embryos should be modified so no siamese twins are born.

  9. Was just gonna say the same as the american dude. I am not afraid of death, i am afraid of missing out. Clock is ticking. Some people don't get to be married, have kids and what else that is time related. Life is short. After 20, years feels like minutes.

  10. I wish I were immortal. Then I wouldnt have to be so anxious or depressed. Telling me about death to motivate myself to live life does not make me enjoy life.

  11. Immortality would change everything for the better. Science will find a way to solve any resource problem eventually. We can already make simple proteins out of thin air. This will lead to creating food out of thin air. Off world mining could solve any other resource problem. Eventually the accumulation of wealth will be for fun. If immortality is solved, we will live to see a day in which all people can travel to countless terraformed planets and have plenty of space and resources. I hope.

  12. Immortality would be cool, yes.. However Earth would overpopulate and we would have to resort to colonizing gas giants and other planets temporarily until we can find planets that support human life.. And eventually we'd all grow tired of living and prepare to rest eternally

  13. Death makes me feel like nothing I do means anything. I make a family, but once we die everything I've done with them is gone. They are gone. Everything I've ever loved is dead and I will never see it again. What's the point anymore..

  14. It is already possible scientist just don’t want people to last forever because it is viewed as a sin to Life. Stem Cells can prevent us from aging making us immortal. Cloning humans can lead to us exporting our energy out of our old bodies and into our baby or new clones giving us full control but lost of memories. So many things possible man do not believe BS

  15. all the years before we haven't had machine learning now we can just power that so it teaches us to live forever. and if we don't have what we need after that we can have it teach us that too. WE HAVE THE POWER!!!!! Muahahahah

  16. fuck ethics, if you want to live forever you should be able too, i can tell you the vast majority of people will want to live forever, who wouldnt. i feel like technology is the way for immortality, which we are actually getting close to tech that can actually do this. you shouldnt be forced to die just cos a couple people say that its wrong. fuck those people. we should live forever

  17. You are wrong! What you can get has nothing to do with immortality!
    Because being immortal is not just not dying. It's a thousand more things!
    And now how does science think to make this Earth and this Universe immortal ??

  18. that woman. yes, what are we going to do with those people that live longer and for the future generations. first, that where wars come out that's how planet colonization comes out. and if that certain person doesn't want to live long he/she could just not take one. science should expand because it will be the path to give way for new generation

  19. True immortality is absolutely IMPOSIBBLE..Don't confuse yourself between the concept of eternity and technolongevity…at least the latter can be achieved with the greatest level of technology. You could prolong your existence in this physical realm but anyway at the end, there is no way you could stop the death of our universe. The second law of thermodynamics the second law guarantees us with heat death of the universe..there will be no more usefull energy and remember live need energy. Sure.. such a far-off point in time, billions and billions of years, seems to be practically forever in our imaginations. So, if we could prolong our lives to the death of the universe, for all intents and purposes it would be a practical immortality.

    Or would it?

    Remember the summer vacation. The endless hot days pass in fun and excitement, without a care in the world. Yet the time always draws to a close. Always.


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