Impact of Russian invasion of Ukraine: French farmers worry about fertilizers price hikes | WION

French farmers because of the war in Ukraine are now very worried about the possible increase in the price of fertilizers and the impact on the price of natural gas.

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Comment (25)

  1. Fertilizer price hikes? Is that what's bothering you WION, not the innocent people dying because of your warmongering masters in the Kremlin? Muppets, and your call yourselves the LARGEST democracy? India has shown its true colors, shame on you!

  2. The Ukrainian army is torturing Indians in Ukraine because India decided to keep a neutral position in this war. What a bunch of degenerates. But the western media won't show that. I hope Ukraine gets wrecked by Russia

  3. Whatever from Christine period any problem beat the poor
    Kill the innocent.
    Any problem hit the farmers and force money

  4. The "climate change nuts" never miss a beat.. Even during a war, they get the media to report that alternative fuels need to replace fossil fuels such as natural gas ( a clean energy). and the media is right tere with them.

  5. The Russian army thought of a tourist war in Ukraine before its attack on Ukraine, but now the Russian army is crying to death

  6. Shame to you Modi and India for being a double standard… India should learn from Ukraine. China should learn from Ukraine. And I hope the entire world will unite for freedom and truth, not like the lies of Putin, Xi jinping and their new recruit, trying to wash his hands with abstentions in the UN security council> India's Modi!

  7. this media too biased why you point it out in Ukrainian side?? how about the Russian side? be fair that's why I decided to unsubscribe this channel.

  8. Alert! Remember Joe Biden is on video threatening to withhold one billion dollars in aid to Ukraine unless they got rid of their prosecutor who was looking into Biden’s son Hunter and his criminal activity with Burisma Oil company, and then replace the prosecutor with a pro US prosecutor. At this level, all these people are elite criminals vying for more power and control. This is another tragedy of war that happens every year or two; the amazing part this time is that it’s Not America destroying another country.

  9. Well instead of French farmers buying their Potash fertilizers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, they better be prepared to pay the shipping cost to import Canadian Potash from Saskatchewan, POTASH CORPORATION OF SASKATCHEWAN French and Europeans are like spoiled children that are used to having Brussels hold their hands and plant and harvest the crops.

  10. Type in the search engine "gorlovskaya madonna" this is only one story out of hundreds about innocently murdered children by Ukrainian soldiers in Ukarina. Donbas.. Lugansk.. RIP.. Innocent children 👼

  11. Its good to see Macron saying European, UK left the EU and that's good riddance, USA should also be kicked out of the European Group

  12. 7000 ukrainian troops invaded a sovereign Iraq in 2003 for no reason.The Ukrainians served as the third largest coalition force.Hundreds of thousands of iraqis killed in Iraqi occupation.But none felt the pain because the race and faith is different. what comes around goes around assholes

  13. We don't need fertilizer from Russia, we just need to grind up the bones of liberal socialist politicians, main stream media liars and pedophiles and use that.


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