Important Message to the House of Judah & Yisrael

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Comment (37)

  1. Ok shalom if anything it's about us not you, I was intending to fast again before I went back into the den of iniquity work so I'm ready love and blessings go out to my dynamic duo and family. Let's show the wicked the love of the most high Yah. Shabat shalom

  2. Shalom & Sweet Blessings. Miss Y'all already. It's very possible that the Ring of Fire Eclipse may have caused these technical issues… By causing electromagnetic interference. My internet has been acting up too. The City of NOLA (New Orleans) got hacked by ransomware a few weeks ago and the grid or network had to be shut down. The virus has thus spread to other networks who were not able to shut down. My Google Fiber is acting up really bad. They issued me a partial credit refund… SO THAT FALSE PROPHET JUDGEMENT STUFF (???) REALLY? I think it's the network!

  3. No one has ever taught me that about the children needing their own relationship. It’s just like you said, we were told that we teach them first and then Th we develop their own relationship. This is confirmation. Things need to change.

    I’m still learning as a mother also. I’m the only one in my family who know Truth.

  4. I will be fasting also with the Mispacha!! May Yahuah continue to bless you and your family Sis Deborah to cover, protect and guard.


  6. May Ahayah bless and keep you sis Deborah, bro Watchman and your children. May His mighty hedge of protection be upon you all forever. May EVERY evil prophecy pronounced against you all be made null and void in Yashaya's name. Ahman. May every fiery dart return to the evil altars conjuring up wickedness. Blessings to you all. Shalom.

  7. May the most high bless my brother and you my sister keep putting in the work and those that believe lies wake the hell up

  8. Shalom…I have a question and if someone could answer…Im fasting and praying for the Ruach….have..approached tje throne..and repented….spoke of.consrcrating myself unto Yah
    …so did I pray each day the same prayet.. until I receive? I sought repentance for ancestor all thing Sister Deborah said…any and all assist will be welcome with a sistet love. 🤔👏🏼

  9. SPIRIT of the Living YAH, fall afresh on us! Nothing can stop the word of the Most High! It will resolve soon. I couldn't sleep, AND I click on you page, AND Only YAH know I NEED Him, been sadden, but there goes the PRAISES, Prayer and fasting. I will be joining. Thank you Sis. YAHUAH BLESS and keep you all!

  10. Wow big sister you and your husband are truly awesome individual in TMH YAH!!!!!!! I’m truly always blessed when I listen to y’all message that TMH YAH place/put on y’all hearts for His people….Anyways I love you guys and I hope and pray that TMH continues to bless/use you and your family to bring glory to His righteous name. HalleluYAH 2 TMH YAH!!!!!!!

  11. This is an attack of the enemy due to the truth you give and the whited out series, especially part 6. If you are going to continue, you may have to use another platform for live streaming. I will be praying. Thank You for this message.

  12. Beautifully said AMEN l❤ve you First Lady and your family FOREVER MOST EVER MORE AMEN 🌞🕊😃🌍🌏🌎❤

  13. Outstanding Powerful video Sister Deborah, thankful for this. Please pray for me now that I can receive my old job back and to remove my enemies from my old job K, D, and G. Please pray for me and my daughter’s relationship to be restored now. Please show my enemies what is like to miss two weeks of work without pay. I pray for my enemies to feel the wrath of the Most High now. I am praying for a financial blessing now, to be able to pay my bills and buy food. Please also pray for my knee injury as well because I might have to have surgery. I am praying for you all as well. Please ABBA Father in Heaven please forgive me YB, BB, DB, and my dear love SH of all my sins great and small. Please heal my family now ABBA Yah. Please heal and hear all of my unspoken prayers as well. Halleyah.

  14. Shabbat Shalom, I have so much to say but I am so humbled by the truth of those things that were hidden and are now revealed unto us I am so thankful to know these truths, all prases to the Most High Yah HalleluYah!!!!!!

  15. Please Pray for my family.
    There is a lot of anger/ jealousy Envy strife no leadership no family love no family guidance please please pray for my family to unite with love, peace understanding. Please Pray for my son safety in Prison. Please Pray for my safety and a clear mind and guard my mouth.
    In Yah name💖💖

  16. Bless you, your heart and sincerity to The Word sister Deborah.
    Your time and effort to share with us all is extremely appreciated
    May TMH continue with His revelation of The Word through Watchman and yourself.

  17. Shalom family, yes prayer and fasting is vital at this time. We must be on one accord. Repentance, prayer and sacrifice are absolute must. Yah willing, our father will move quickly to restore His people. I thank TMH for your steadfastness in the edification of our people.

  18. Go, girl! Worship and testify of His Glory in you! You do not hear too many HI telling of His resurrection power endowing them and speaking in the unknown tongues He gives as a gift to anyone that desires! It's hard on me when I attend a meeting and they do not understand the power of His Glory especially as an experience! Then when I hear some say, "it does not take all that or they did not do that in biblical days or its witchcraft/devil worshipping!" They are afraid of The Most High and His Glory! Wow! Thank you, sister! Barakayam always!

  19. I'm starting my fast on the 13th of January. I'm just learning of your set aside time! So I'll join in then! Keep telling of His resurrection power! This gives Him Glory!


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