Imran Khan gets no support for 'foreign conspiracy' claim | World News | WION

US Spokesperson Ned Price said that there is no truth to the allegations put by PTI Chief Imran Khan. This comes after the Pakistan army called out Imran Khan’s bluff and says there is no conspiracy against Imran Khan. Major General Babar Iftikhar says don’t drag the army into political discussions.

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Comment (27)

  1. Imran Khan will get an Oscar from the UN for the World's best non Cinematic comedian
    Jai Ho Paxtan
    A richly deserved recognition for a beggar state

  2. After pakistan srilanka now usa is moving towards India and Bangladesh they want to create total unrest in this region what a shameless regime. 😡

  3. Well , knowing our corrupt US government and its affinity for meddling in others' affairs , there is probably some truth to his claim.

  4. Wion headlines are misleading. The man is bringing out people by the thousands in the streets. So what u mean he has no support. Your telling lies

  5. If there is any prove let Imran prove it.. westerners might be brain behind everything, but who knows since we don't have prove, I believe Imran don't have any evidence his just making noise to push his supporters out on street

  6. I don't live in Asia but for the first time I feel like Wion has a biased narrative here. Your news about Imran Khan are filled with emotions and I'm surprised you are willing to take US words as "fact".

  7. They did the same thing in Ukraine America ISN'T for democracy especially since the ✡️ took over and run the USA it's all been Hollywood productions aka coups like Biden got 80 million votes and look at the world now

  8. Yanukovych
    Saddam Hussein
    Patrice Lumumba
    Thomas Sankara
    Salvador Allende
    The Shah of Iran

    Need I go on?

  9. Never believe any politician who claims foreign interference.

    It is always proven to be a lie and nothing more than a paper shield.

  10. Imran Khan, what an idiot this guy is, he started behaving like these radical Islamists, blaming the UNITED STATES for every mishap in the country. Is he trying to appeal to radicals? Until recently, I was impressed by this guy's dedication and love of the country – seemingly?

  11. WION's judge to Criminal: Are you the culprit??
    Criminal: No sir
    WION"s judge: Okay, you're innocent.
    Well done WION!


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