Imran Khan sold valuable Toshakhana gifts in Dubai, alleges Pak PM Shehbaz Sharif | World News

Pakistan’s new Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has accused former PM Imran Khan of selling state gifts worth millions in Dubai. Shehbaz said I can confirm that Imran Khan sold state gifts worth Rs 140 million. To get more details, we’re joined by Omer Altaf, Journalist from Islamabad.


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Comment (37)

  1. forget about gifts. All your roads, ports, highways, aeroplanes are under ghiwri to ch 00 nah and others. 不不不

  2. Shahbaz sharif hes a thief (chor)
    Shahbaz Sharif made alot of money himself steeling from Pakistani public money!!
    Shahbaz sharif is a brother of Nawas Sharif who is another CHOR!!

  3. The "Ghabrana Nahi Joker" guy(gay) should now declare his retirement and spend rest of the life with Muraad Saeed and Pinky Peerni !

  4. A ruler of Riassat-e-Medina is not allowed to accept any gifts of any kind according to Riazat-e-Medina rules.

  5. These mega crooks of the PML are just petty minded to deflect from the wholesale looting and robbery of committed by them

  6. Investing with Mrs testimony thas been the best step I have ever took in my life, may God bless that day I meet her

  7. So buying petroleum with ruble back fired IK? The Military think that this more keep them away from free US Dollars…?

  8. really…? Imran Khan is the leader this poor country needs…but he also needs wisest and the smartest people by his side…

  9. This is just embarrassing for Pakistan. All world leaders receive gifts but they don't embarras themselves like this.

  10. Nothing to be surprised about. After politics in Pakistan, the leaders fly away abroad to enjoy life. They indulge in pleasures that are forbidden in Pakistan and by Islamic laws. Well, they need money. Lots of money. Imran is making hay while shining in the political power. He wants to live in the USA hence seeking Dollars.


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