Imran's power show in Lahore: Khan lauds India's foreign policy again | World News | WION

In a bid to revive his lost appeal Pakistan’s dethroned Prime Minister Imran Khan held a power show in Lahore. The former Pak PM used the rally to boost his campaign against Islamabad’s new government as well as to raise demand for fresh elections. Imran Khan once again lauded India’s foreign policy.

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Comment (20)

  1. Imran forgotten that he has stopped business with india, as soon as he became pm making his people pay double the amount for indian products.

  2. Do you know what is "Minar e Pakistan "? This physical structure was built where AK Fazlul Haq moved for the historically legendary " Pakistan Resolution" in 1940 in the then British occupied Hindustan. In that Meeting of top Muslim League Leaders of Hindustan, it was resolved unanimously that a separate country will be formed from within British occupied Hindustan comprised of Muslim majority regions where " … ( in a Confederated Country Arrangement) there will be two states of Pakistan – one in the East and the other will be in West- which will be independent and sovereign ". Thus Bengali Muslims played the pioneering role in forming Pakistan not only by proposing " Pakistan Resolution of Lahore" but later in 1946-47 voting overwhelmingly in favour of Pakistan which Muslims of British Punjab did not. These are historical facts.


  4. Niazi ka haal dekhey old hindi purani gaana

  5. Niazi is best opposition leader in world weather in govt aur in opposition..
    Ek naara: chur daakoo Nawaz.

  6. Attended this meeting and being a senior citizen, I haven't seen such jam-packed mammoth crowd in my life. I associated Benazir when she returned from UK from Lahore airport to Minar e Pakistan and it was a bigger gathering but Imran Khan meeting is the biggest gathering in Pakistan. I can say Imran Khan has turned this crowd into a nation. Thank you very much, Imran Khan.

  7. Imran khan is risking his life, First he should stop praising Indian govt.
    If not pak army will kill him and blame it on some Terrorist organisation.
    pakistan is deeply a corrupt society, imran cant save it anymore.


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