“Incredible Hulk” Lou Ferrigno hospitalized after vaccination goes horribly wrong

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  2. These "beings" are wicked as the
    wicked can be. Most of the time
    they are feeling out from a group
    of different medicines, all which
    have some side effects. The only
    1000% tested and true help for us
    and anyone who follows is Abba
    FATHER'S Word. It never fails if
    we do as instructed by the ONE
    who has created us. Who new us
    before He formed us in the womb!

    Shalom Fam keep ABBA YAH 1st!

  3. People please stop getting these flu or pneumonia shots they can be deadly take it from me I almost died after I got my Pneumonia shot 3 years ago and got Pneumonia I won't do that again

  4. They clearly create the diseases because It just don't make sense of how they gather different animal parts an embryos of even aborted children into a vaccine. There no way that each different animal species an non living baby came together an some how formed a disease. These disease r man made.!!,by gathering different species of animal parts an baby cells mixing them by force Of course u will create a disease. An U can only get this disease by the vaccine or by some1 or somthing tht has been injected with it. Its just like when people mix another persons blood type in them they can get sick…..!!
    Oooh u wicked human beings killing the people!, even their own they will kill, just to make it not look obvious .

  5. They are definitely wicked as Hell, I was pretty much was forced into the flu shot from work worse thing I ever did, less than 24 hrs later My whole body was aching with severe joint pain all over, now I suffer with rheumatoid arthritis ever since. I will never that a flu or pneumonia shot ever.

  6. First 'Paradise, Cali' becomes HELL, and now the Hulk gets put on his white ass by a flu shot…

    …and folks think The Most High doesn't have a sense of humor. 😂

  7. This is the second incident that I know of who is white. It was another man the same happened to him being hospitalized

  8. I took Pharmacology in order to get my LPN certification; and what I learned about these so-called "vaccines" is that the derivatives are from animals. For instance; Heparin (a blood thinner) is derived from female horse hormones. I was shocked when I learned the truth. I am no longer working in the medical field; an industry that is all about monetary gain and Agenda 21 (depopulation). Witnessing the physicians take part of the Agenda 21 initiative was the main reason why I am no longer working in the medical field. Also, as a healthcare worker; you are required to receive the flu vaccine; or you cannot continue to work; unless you have a religious reason. THEY'RE TRYING TO ERADICATE AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE; ESPECIALLY PEOPLE OF THE BROWN PERSUASION. All I can say is please continue to intervene Father Yah; that's the only way We as a people will make it; divine intervention. Shalom family!

  9. By the grace of the most high God of Israel this year is the last year I will have taken this damn flu shot I will not take another one of these shots so I probably won't be employed in healthcare after next year but the most high will protect and provide for his people The just shall live by faith according to the bible Hear O Israel the Lord our God is one Return to the most high and keep his commandments for he said himself Why will ye die O house of Israel His name is Ahaya and his sons name is Yashaya

  10. Not doing the solar project im done in fact I can't wait till north America becomes nothing more then a gigantic hole in the ground

  11. Black people need to know that these vaccine makers get GUARANTEES, from the U.S. govt, protecting them from lawsuits before they make a single ounce of any vaccine. This has been happening every since about 1996 when so many people were sickened, maimed for life and died after receiving the Swine Flu vaccine.

  12. i had what my doctor refered as lower lobe pnem, even though i had the pnem shot spent five days in the hospital. Never again

  13. His wife Carla lied on Bill Cosby.
    You can share ones karma when you lie, cheat and steal from people.
    Lou might be paying for her karma…..


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