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The United Nations General Assembly has now adopted a resolution that will require an explanation for exercising veto powers. Under the new mandate, every time a veto has been cast in the security council the assembly will be convened automatically within 10 working days.

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Comment (39)

  1. The five permanent members (UK, US, France, China, Russia) deem the veto power as a matter of responsibility not as a matter of privilege – so, there're only 5 responsible states. Rest 190 are irresponsible. Nice!

  2. Now bring Palestine issue on UNGA, Lets see how US veto it and justify their veto power in favor of an apartheid state Israel..

  3. nobody will listen, haa :))
    the UN formed in the process of defeating NAZI, but India set a NAZI as its national hero, totally against the spirit of UN Charter, how can this kind country become UNSC Permanent member?????????
    simple fact is when the UN was formed there was even no India in the world but British Raj (whatever that is ,haha :)) , UN is not for every country, UN formed by P5 with specific UN charter, if you do not agree with it, you can go out of it. you can go to form your own UN so you can be the permanent chair of your UN, with 2 members, India and Bhutan, haha :))

  4. USA promotes Democracy.
    But USA should know that Veto is against Democratic principles… Veto doesnt respect Democracy.
    Give Veto to All or No one

  5. Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money 💯

  6. This is only fair, and opposite of this is absolute hypocrisy. I can't believe this organization is called 'united' nations, while its following a colonial mindset of a few 'lords' and 'peasants' who must follow the lords. This absolute rubbish.

    Congrats India for taking a voice against the hypocrisy and leading the way for a fair and equal world. Currently UN is just a syndicated who enjoys power for their own greedy needs.

  7. Why are Britain and France on the UNSC today? They have no empire. It's time for major reforms. Why Africa has no representative?

  8. India 🇮🇳 be like : I am done!
    Now i will make my own, League of Nation with Africa, South America & Asia.

  9. India gave most lives to the UN peace keeping missions. China is blocking indias entry to the UNSC council. India should withdraw its peace keeping forces.

  10. This is why, United Nations must dissolve or disband themselves in order to create NUN, the New United Nations for better one without permanent seats or just with no veto power in the NUN Security Council!
    UN member nations should leave the United Nations if there's no reform in removing the veto power!

  11. No one! Simple. And the UN needs more powers to actually prevent wars and be useful for humanity, or it should be abolished


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