Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. The caste system is instilled, because those with the most fallen genetics have that phenotype (see the Book of Enoch. Most of us have this taint) Their offspring oppress their darker kin until they are either killed or bred off. We will see white Jamaicans, Native Americans, and Afrikaans/Africans. This is the TRUE Illuminati. Our King will come before it reaches the point of no return. His blood also trump all other blood if those but accept it. There is the mercy to all hybrids.

  2. Shalom and well done!
    I was talking about The Dravidians and the Aryans from the Russian step and how it birthed India's caste system..
    I was literally just talking about it a few days ago with my husband.
    One Spirit🔥
    All of this was blessed in Truth
    beloved. As you spoke I Was walking with you in spirit !!!
    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  3. To whomever it may concern especially at youtube via caseworker(s). I hope my comment is posted because I sincerely want to address you. A little over two years ago, I discovered thoughts camara action using your platform more than likely because of the algorithm to subject matters that maybe of intrest to me. Most of them were not.! Why? The anti-Blackness that is portrayed in most forms of media especially into the 21st century. Where the youtube platform has a sizable market share. There has been some other programs I do find interesting and entertaining. Yet, I am truly worried about the matrix in the silicon valley because it is, to say the least, lacks a diverse workforce (management) which subsequently means for a lost of true democracy of opinions about subject matters like thoughts camara action chooses to discuss on the platform. " an educated mind can ponder a statement without agreeing." When I first started watching provoking thought, I became a supporter of the platform because it had many matters of interest through different mediums which I enjoy especially the accuracy in the historical content they provide because it is very hard to find. Who gos to libraries these days? I have books which are some of the same ones mentioned about on this platform. Moreover, the way it's presented by the main host is very refreshing because his verbal articulation of word choice definitions preaches no inflammatory derogatory speech in presenting the subject matter. It is delivered calmly with low voice tones. I have never witnessed aggressive behavior like screaming, yelling, or shouting. I have never heard putdowns, insults, or hateful comments. Even my sister (different race, same blood) and many in my daily social group said no way to the platform being censored like that all the time with all the other stuff on youtube, no way, yes I say. It's true watch for yourself. And, they do. I have never witnessed the host or anyone else representing their platform solicit monetary donations, ever.! I have never witnessed them to claim they are a preacher, god, or messiah, ect.ect.ect. All I have ever seen just like the many other supporters of the platform is a person trying to convey a opinion on subjects. Today in world news was an topic about the founder of Blockparty how social media has a major issue with "women and people of color are often the targets of harassment and abuse online, and that drives some to simply abandon platforms. The idea is to give people more control over their experience on social media." In closing, to whom it may concern. Much obliged to the content that is posted on the youtube from thoughts camera action. I believe it touches and inspires you deep down. And please, always remember who claimed just tobe doing their job(s) in world history. Most sincerely,

    ps. @TCA. my mind kinda gone. To a comment about a question. When the scripture speaks on not forgetting Ethiopia, it even makes me think the country of India because of Abyssinia whole kingdom.? And, thank you Ahki. Shalum, 👑🦁

  4. On (B High ATL) youtube channel… Dame Dash interview.. At 9 mins.. He tells the interviewer that Jesus isn't his real name.. Its Yahshua.. It blows my mind how all over the world the most high is waking his people up.. All praise to the most high

  5. My brother i just again want to tell you how much your channel has blessed me. All the reading and studying and then your ability to share and explain in plain clear language the things of the Most High! My the Most High continue to bless you and yours and again my brother. You are a wonderful teacher…all praises to the Most High. Stay blessed

  6. You are who you were created to be. Walk 🚶‍♂️that path and TMH YAH will prosper your way in the face of all adversity. You get wisdom and understanding from YAH. You get programmed in Education Systems. Only to a certain way. All else get dismissed and frowned on when you don't conform to their ideological version of Education

  7. E going to try an fight Yahawahshi, that’s why they are building a space station
    Which they’ve called Operation warp speed

    Revelation 12:7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,

  8. Elam son of The Tribe of Benjamin. So is Elam Iran, middle East?
    Elam as a personal name also refers to other figures appearing in the Hebrew Bible:  is a son of Shashak of the tribe of Benjamin in 1 Chronicles 8:24 .  is the son of Meshelemiah, a Levite of the family of Kohath in 1 Chronicles 26:3.

  9. All Praises to the Most High! Todah Rabah for your hands and labor for our nation! It is so amazing to see you, and others brothers and sisters in US, UK, Nigeria, Canada etc. 4 corners, connecting the dots and helping Yahs people/sheep to understand how to break the curses in his time and his will as it was prophesied. Praises Yah for prophesy happening right in our face in our time. Stay strong Zion!

  10. Hey bro.. love the work you put in for us.Its much appreciated. 🙏💖 APTTMH. With your like that it's looking like a lions mane! 🦁 Go team Yahudee!

  11. Keep up with the Truth of Jesus The Christ, or Yah, or whatever the name is given to you. The meaning of His intent is constant, only the righteous will enter into His kingdom✝️✊🏽

  12. Thank you TC for the info these video's make things so clear and at the same time very edicational for us as a people.Keep on doing what you do.
    Blessings 🗣️💞🙋


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