India, Germany hold joint briefing after 6th India-Germany consultations | World English News | WION

India and Germany have signed multiple agreements. Indian PM Modi and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz have held a joint briefing after the 6th India-Germany consultations.

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Comment (24)

  1. In the 1930s, German nationalists embraced the 19th-century theory that Europeans and the original Sanskrit speakers of India who had built the highly developed Sanskrit civilisation – which white supremacists claim as their own – come from a common Indo-European, or Aryan, ancestor. They subsequently built their racist ideology on the assumed superiority of this “pure” race.

    Savitri Devi (born Maximiani Portas), a French-Greek thinker and mysticist who later became a spiritual icon of Nazism, helped popularise the idea that all civilisation had its roots in this Aryan “master race” in India. She travelled to India in the early 1930s to “discover the source of the Aryan culture” and converted to Hinduism while there.

    She quickly integrated herself into India’s burgeoning Hindu nationalist movement by promoting theories that support privileged caste Hindus’ superiority over Christians, Muslims and unprivileged caste Hindus in the country. In 1940, she married Asit Krishna Mukherji, a Hindu nationalist and Indian supporter of Nazism who had praised the Third Reich’s commitment to ethnonationalism, seeing commonalities between the goals of the Hitler Youth and the youth movement of Hindu nationalism, Rashtriya Sevak Sangh (RSS).

  2. In Next 10 years all Indian history of 5000 year would be on all over because of bounce back of this giant without a support.

  3. I appreciate the intellectual prowess of the magnificent tiger, who at the same time maintains a friendly relationship with a group led by bald eagle, and their rival brown bear! 😀

  4. And Charlie Ward also said that Biden has $5.2 million in his name in Ukraine. No wonder he's sending so much money

  5. @A J, Sanskrit was formed in India. It's thousands of years older than German. Nazis copied our sacred texts and twisted them. Aryavarta is the old name of Northern India. There was no such thing called Aryavarta in Germany. On top of that the Rig Veda doesn't mention about any Regions or Kingdoms which existed in Germany.

  6. Germany and France need to decouple bilateral ties and trade from other issues (in the same way the EU had lectured India on its ties with China). Also Germany and France often complain that trade agreements need to be first ratified by the EU. Actually, the EU is France's and Germany's problem and not India's. India is always ready to improve ties and improve business and if the EU is coming as an obstacle, then France and Germany need to commit to country specific agreements. It is not a big concern for India if France or Germany would not like to commit as India can always reach out to other markets and this would be a lost opportunity for both France and Germany if they do not cooperate (and to some extent, India too will lose out). The Ukrainian conflict or India's ties with Russia should not come in between improving bilateral relations and these countries must try to create a win-win situation which benefits people of India, France and Germany. And these countries should self-reflect before talking about human rights. India is well aware of the appalling human rights violations: racial abuses, treatment of refugees and minorities, treatment of its own ethnic communities, islamophobia and more.

  7. OKAY Indians you been boasting about these great trade deals and partnerships on every Wion video? Did you get them ? no

  8. 10000blion dollars for india babez 🌸 🤍 💚 💐 〽️ .
    5000blion dollars more for Germany 🇩🇪 💐🌸💚🤍〽️👍

  9. This happens to be bilateral talks not the debtors Ukrain issue. West has become paranoid over the time. This leads to downfall.

  10. Rejects AFSPA, abrogation of articles 35A and 370 in Jammu Kashmir. Demand plebiscite as per UN outstanding resolutions in an International Disputed Territory of Jammu Kashmir.

  11. Shame on you Indian people for taking advantage of low cost Russian oil at the behest of the Ukrainian people. You are willing to give your fair share of sacrifice in the name of humanity, democracy, freedom, and liberty. Cheap oil is more important for you than the innocent people being killed, raped, tortured by Putin. Shame, shame, shame on you Indian people.

  12. why the heck there is no English voice over when modi speak in hindi. Wion such a racist…Wion call them self World English News…Hypocrites

  13. The rich EU countries are fussing over India just for one reason: THEY WISH TO SELL WEAPONS AND REDUCE THE MILITARY ROLE OF RUSSIA.

  14. Wttf is modoggy doing exactly….
    Communal violence,
    Mass poverty,
    Street pooping recird high,
    Minorities lynched,
    Scam call centers,
    And this deluded rss faciast pig is trying make deals….. loda

  15. 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 BHARAT'S PRIDE BELOVED MODI JI❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳


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