India: New Delhi continues to buy Russian oil, US may restrict other countries' oil purchase

The United States is preparing to step up the enforcement of sanctions against Moscow, this is according to senior American officials. A significant increase in Russian oil imports by India could potentially expose New Delhi to a greater risk.

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Comment (35)

  1. Stop the economic warfare on Russia disguise as sanctions. This is preposterous to cause all the problems and have the audacity to be sanctioning anyone. US your days are numbered. If not Russia πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί or China πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ God will wipe your old white racist asses out.

  2. The white colonial powers have had too much luxury of dictating to the world and fighting to maintain white supremacy

  3. Why don't all the countries come together and sanction USA,enough with the bullying,we have to stand up

  4. For the First time..india really know who can be friend or this media always mock China.. at the end..China didn't want to intervene India internal problem..and USA want to control India..welcome to the real fact.

  5. india dose not need advice from oil surplus countrys…why should we buy oil as 100$/b price if we are getting it for 35$/b.. we are not that much rich country to handle price high created by western countrys…
    fun fact: usa said we will give weapons to Ukraine to fight war… where is peace in this?. nato is flying there plans at russia border where is peace in this?. means thay not wont peace and stupid Ukrainian prime Minister destroyed there country for nothing but self ego..

  6. I Support India buying Oil from Russia. This is Indian people daily life Most important issue. Because each Indian Family every day using petrol and Diesel. This is big Indian economic issues once stop this Supply chain Indian economy going down same like now Sri Lanka.

  7. Ok,,what America is doin for this earth,, besides banning.
    But their people think,they are the saviour,the PIECEMAKER.the super intelligent species,the superior.

  8. Mr.Dalip Singh appears to be thinking that in his visit to India he is Richard Lee Armatage, talking to Pakistan Generals. Not only he, but US administration itself, better understand that the whole world starts ignoring their self serving unilateral punitive measures such as economic sanctions and the day is not far when the world sanctions US for its hegemonic and self centred behaviour. They can not stop European allies from doing business with Russia, they do not include Uranium in the list of sanctioned items, which they require for their energy needs , on top of it , they themselves buy Russian oil but want India to compromise on its energy needs and avoid doing business with Russia.They have the audacity to publicly threaten India before Indian public that there will be consequences. This war is the making of America. They wanted a pretext to weaken Russia by imposing economic sanctions. Ukraine is a victim used by US to provoke Russia badly into attacking it. Used for cornering Russia. One has to remember how everyday Biden himself was speaking to Zelenski and has been telling the world every day that Russia attacks Ukraine today , tomorrow etc. almost daring Russia to launch attack, conducted joint military exercises with Ukraine, in Ukraine. Once Ukraine was attacked, no help to them , no boots on ground, no missiles , no fightercrafts. Only projecting the pain of victims to generate world opinion against Russia and to isolate it.These fellows want us to believe that they are the only dependable ones for us.πŸ˜†

  9. ….nobody cares . would love to see USA sectioning european countries for buying Russia gas and oil .

  10. The USA can't even fix it's own domestic political problems , yet here they are , telling the rest of the world what to do , go away America , you are making things worse as usual.

  11. Here is the story of THIEF preaching world about morals etc, Real issue is THIEF (usa) is frightened, They worry parallel payment system will come to Swift and their all fiat dollar,yen, euro will depreciate, Sounds last cry of Dying Person

  12. US has provided F-16 fighters to terrorists country, did we say anything ? What rights does it has on demanding india to stop buying oil from Russia…

  13. US at it's peak of hypocrisy, let other nation choose what's best for their country and it's people instead of ordering them and let the people suffer for high prices. Or USA should sell also discounted gas if they want other countries stop buying russian gas..

  14. Either you are with us or against us analogy of US is over… the tectonic plates of international politics are shifting towards Eurasia…the West and North America countries sphere of influence are over…

  15. Putin is beating the sanctions, the ruble and Russian economy is bouncing back fast. Biden is pissed🀣🀣

  16. Who the fu…. Are u to warn any other country, u people killed so many civilians in libiya and Iraq, other countries should hv sanctioned usa at that time…

  17. PM RAM .. it will be great legacy IF YOU CAN please CONVINCE PRES PUTIN to talk the matter over with PRES ZELENSKI .. thanks sir

  18. India is on the right side of history because it chooses to be on Indians side by working in the best interests of its citizens.


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