India-Nordic summit: Indian PM Narendra Modi to meet leaders from Sweden, Finland, Iceland & Norway

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s most significant engagement will take place today, it’s the second India-Nordic summit. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold meetings with the leaders of Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Norway together with Denmark.

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Comment (22)

  1. According to Wion. Since 2001 china gained 120 Trillion in wealth and became the richest country in the world. They also reported India lost 45 Trillion (world record loss by a country)

    Wion: At $514 trillion, China overtakes US in terms of amassing the biggest net worth

    Gravitas: How Britain Looted $45 Trillion From India

  2. I humbly ask the owner of this channel to show the condition of my Dalits Adivasi people to your audience. So that everyone can understand how we Dalits Adivasi are segregated, brutalized, killed & raped by Brahmanical society, just because we are born in our Dalit Adivasi community..

  3. lndia for some reason really disIike working. For such a huge population, their GDP is considerably small. Even smaller than countries with ten times less population. Example – Germany with a population 17 times less.

  4. For every Economist GDP not matter only GPP matters.
    GDP : only marks upper limits
    GPP : marks both upper & lower limits

  5. Only Indian prime minister in history that proudly follows his Indian Hindu culture wherever he goes. Long live Narendra Modi!

  6. If the Nordic 5 was powerful, then they should have not dealt with China. But they did so they aren't powerful. Money is only powerful if people believe in it. But since people are starving and demand blood for the Pandemic, the rich will start betraying each other pretty soon.

  7. "America has learned from China how the DEBT TRAP is carried out. This is related to the AMERICAN DEBT due to the defeat in Afghanistan… which has 100,000 troops Dead… and 2,000 Trillion Dollars BURN for 20 years" They making JEWS as president and Country fighting against Russia… so requires combat equipment, Tank, Stinger… from America by way of debt STUPID UKRAINA PEOPLE… with COMEDIAN presiden..

  8. They should ask why India supports Putin's genocidal invasion and his deliberate bombing of schools, hospitals, and refugees trying to flee the conflict.
    What would India say to the parents of the dead children murdered by Putin?

  9. India coming with peace,security,production,energy,power,education,yoga,doctors,engineer,pharmacy,farming,grain,meditation and honesty

  10. Definitely sweden, finland are in tough situation. Due to nato and Russia.
    Better these should be neutral and main peace 🕊️


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