India raises alarm over rise in Covid-19 cases, 60 deaths reported in one day | Covid-19 News | WION

Covid cases around the world are rising yet again. Amidst this India has also started seeing as new surge in daily infections. India reported 3,377 new cases in the last 24 hours, this is the highest single day spike since mid-March.

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Comment (46)

  1. You’re talking about cases for a virus that everyone will eventually be exposed to? Aside from the people who will never get covid due to cross immunity from previous coronaviruses, everyone will get it, most will be asymptomatic. What about these 60 deaths…age? Comorbidities? Vaccination status? 🤔

  2. If you google "Which country was invaded the most". The answer is India, my country.😭 Over 200 times. 😢

  3. Going by the way Chinese trolls on the chat, many are jobless in China too… Must be shortage of batsoups available – all bats are being used for producing the new virus 🤔

  4. Deaths are part and parcel of life, every one will meet the same fate sooner or later. But its highly fortunate for indians to find solace in holy ganges river rather than being buried underground at the mercy of different earthling worms and insects enjoying their dinner. Its hard to imagine the well once parfumed body being feast to billions of worms.

  5. Hmm what about the 10s of thousands of people that die from others things in India? This is fear mongering at the highest level quit it before you lose all trust.

  6. I don't know why they take so much time to switch to online mode classes
    It's like they want the children to beg to the higher official for their own lives

  7. Does this equate to less phone scammers living and stationed in this area? Why is this the largest area for such evil?

  8. Perilous times shall come says God's word in the end days. and great deception towards the end.There is going to be a time of severe
    economic chaos famine and pestilences . A much more bigger conflict with the use of nukes may come into play suddenly in the war. ..It is very scary and dangerous to think of even one nuclear war head being used and how much more when all start using it.. Believers in Jesus Christ will not be troubled for He has promised eternal life for all those who believe and accept Him as Lord and Savior…This is the hope we have in Christ Jesus..surely it's birth pangs now and His coming is very soon my dear brothers and sisters ..May many be drawn to the Lord and be saved in these last days.. Prayers for the many who do not know the Lord ,to seek and find Him .
    God loves you..

  9. Question is do we have a solution to it? We have tried almost everything from lockdowns to masking to vaccinations to social distancing with partial to negligible success. If at all, we have only delayed eventual infection or severity of the disease at best. We know Covid has entered the endemic stage now in India so the only option is to move on in life. 🙏🏼

  10. original virus came from wuhan, but the highly fortified & more deadly delta variant came from india. cow dung, filth & fecal matter mixed with covid. truly “made in india” 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Covid19 rising again

    Now MBBS INTERN getting 3-4 times infected must pass the baton to all BAMS BHMS BUMS BPT BOT PHD 7 PC EMPLOYEE to manage and treat patients and take their nasopharyngeal swab

    7 PC clerk earns 2 L PM & PHD SCIENTIST of botany anthropology 3.5 – 4.5 L PM & FREE T/t and lot extra facilities

    MBBS INTERN already got infected 2-3 times after vaccine booster doses

    Now mucormycosis happening again

    Check patient via video conferencing only

    Guide all BAMS BHMS BUMS BPT PhD doctorate getting 4-5 l pm salary to do basic clinical examination and take nasopharyngeal swabs

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  13. I'm Indian and trust me this isn't the real data.. It's highly possible that half of the deaths mentioned here is out of some other reason and there could be more unrecorded death..
    And till now there isn't much of panic regarding Covid.. I think this won't be big just like the previous time

  14. Covid cases hospitalization and deaths in India are still climbing again those people need to wear mask indoors again the covid pandemic still not over until we get Covid pills and Covid breath test to put a end to this pandemic

  15. Mmmm before this nobody die? 60??death is no natural? Making us afraid of the must certain thing we all have is the real pandemic.

  16. Now question is to let us know if those 60 deaths are vaccinated with 2 doses or atleast a single dose or not? This is the story u should say.. Are vaccines working, If yes, then if mass population gets affected, then the true colors of vaccine will be revealed

  17. Can nose,eye and ear basic vaccum like zone can be hidden sky like effect based go to incidents and immune assumed person identity go to antilife struggle and corona disease effected?

  18. Despite rising cases ,heat wave , rising petrol prices ,cbse is going forward adamantly with term 2 exams in faar away centres like a maniac.


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