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India’s anti-money laundering agency has seized assets worth about 725 million dollars from Xiaomi’s local bank accounts in India. The Chinese smartphone giant assets have been seized for breaching India’s foreign exchange laws.

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Comment (19)

  1. Xioami used to make really good phones almost unmatched by any brand in their range but if its is related to national security then……… sorry Xiomi wid heavy heart although i enjoyed using your products

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  4. Everyone needs to keep an eye these China companies, DON'T TRUST THOSE WHO RELEASE THE CHINA-VIRUS ON THE WORLD!!!

  5. BTW India dont dare to ban US tech..
    EX : Chips , Facebook,Google serveices , Intel…..
    If Inida goes against USA, it will be ended like China..
    USA one decision can make Endia in to lot of troubles..
    Unlike China, India need to obey what US is saying.

  6. rolling thunder bikers are in Ottawa canada now , heavy police presence again , please WION cover this story

  7. The management are all Indians including tax and legal departments. Manu Kumar Jain is getting interrogated now. Xiaomi India is independent Indian company.

  8. It's funny that india have almost 1.3billion people that is good marketing ,most talented engineer but there was no good technical company. A strong india can never be depends on theirs Enemies country.

  9. Imagine having a govt that protects its citizens from cyber crime as opposed to welcoming it. -An American


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