India: Tesla shouldn't import cars from China, says India's road transport minister Nitin Gadkari

Where on one side billionaire Elon musk is becoming the owner of Twitter his troubles in India relating to the selling of Tesla cars may not be over yet. India’s road transport minister Nitin Gadkari has said that Tesla should not import cars from china for sale in India.

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Comment (43)

  1. India is doing a huge mistake. No businessman will invest heavily in any country without knowing the market condition for his product. So let Tesla sell cars in india for few years; if it sees future in india then Elon will surely open a factory.

  2. Useless Indian politicians trying to get a foreign company to commit to a facility in India so they can rip it to shreds with Useless regulations and political handouts. The political class in India keep it a third world country .

  3. it is in everybody’s interest that the indian government continues to take such a stand. because this will ensure that india remains economically backward for generations to come. a poor india with high unemployment rate is great news for us western nationsas it allows us to skim off the best educated indian talents.

  4. If you do not import Tesla made in China, you will also import lithium batteries made in China.
    If you do not import lithium batteries made in China, you will also import battery raw materials produced in China.
    If you do not import Chinese raw materials, you will also import lithium mines controlled by China.
    Either way, India,you can't help but rely on China

  5. Musk and his idiot supporters don't understand how import tariffs work. They only apply to imported products. Make it here and skip the tax. Don't make it here, lose access to our large market. Your move, Musky. Feel free to make the cars in India and sell them to China. Your profit margin is not our problem.

  6. When this fool Musk claims that India wont be able to meet its climate goals if he's not able to sell us his $150,000 car, it's just grade A Musk stupidity.

  7. Isko boltay hain 2 toook jawab..crystal clear…Gadkari ji's personality has evolved a lot in recent few years!!!

  8. Fair enough, ask him to open plants in India. It's not like one country can make everything for the entire world anyway.

  9. Kindly set the priority straight,
    TAX or reduced pollution?
    Humble request to drastically reduce import duties on CKD passenger EVs. Criterion can be put such as minimum X range or Y kWh battery, PHEV, HYDROGEN etc Or substantially incentivise the buyers of such expensive EVs by providing TAX benefits equivalent to 50% or more of the purchase price by modification of other tax policies. For eg. VOLVO XC40 Recharge full EV costs 75 lacs now as a CBU. If import duty on CKD were cut drastically then much more people would have interest in buying the EV instead of buying ICE counterparts. Exclude certain Chinese entities if you want. Let the Indian public also reasonably experience the international developments happening in the EV space. More variety of EVs on the road will inspire confidence and drive the inclination towards EVs. Let the global companies heavily investing in the electric space also have good exposure in India, develop a customer base with initial satisfactory sales. Once demand increases they should naturally prefer more localisation and the initial experience should help them develop market specific models. More options will lead to more competition. More JVs, platform and technology sharing. More learning and better solutions. Why this Make in India, Make in India narrative all the time for everything? No need to force or plead to anyone. It’s a rapidly developing technology, just go with the flow. They will come to us.

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  11. Yea, it wouldn't be a problem for Tesla to produce in India. I'm sure Modi will fast track that effort if Musk so wanted.

  12. I don't think he's gonna afford to do that china is big market for Tesla and Chinese govt doesn't want Elon build manufacturing plant in india

  13. India needs to invest in creating its own innovative solutions, its own standards. We need more railways (double or quadruple the rail tracks and trains). We need to invest more on mass rapid transit systems rather than encouraging people to buy more cars.

  14. Elon Musk brought Twitter just to make Pseudo Liberals & Leftists in India to spit venom in Twitter to play Political Game so that he can make the Govt. to accept the sale of Telsa Cars manufactured in China (Just like what Twitter did with Trump).. Ban Twitter in India just like Chinese Apps, there is no harm for the people of India with this worst app, except only time waste…
    What a cheap mentality 🗣️💦💦💦..
    There is no need of Musk coming to India also if Hydrogen Fuel Cars take the charge.. Existing fuel stations can be replaced, infrastructure is also built… No need of battery cars, where batteries act like bombs in hot climate..

  15. For me and my homies we're ashamed of buying chinese made products
    🤦🏻‍♂️ Im sorry It is what it is 😂 it's embarrassing

  16. I personally agree with that. They should set up shop in India or somewhere else other than China. Why because China has world domination plans remember.
    PS the hero dog in Ukraine should have his own bulletproof vest and a helmet. He deserves at least that much. Just an opinion. He's a Soldier fighting in the Ukrainian Army. Probably saving a lot of lives helping out a lot I would imagine.

  17. so many self pitying Indians are in comments likes "elon musk" the "geek dad" of nerds more than their country
    A simple thing Indian govt is saying and if "elon dad" want to do business do it our way or we dont really need a
    full "marketing blown" nerd product in India


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