India to help feed global population amid food crisis due to Russia-Ukraine war | WION

The torrential downpour in South Africa may have subsided but the trail of destruction has left a deadly impact on the lives of South Africans. Nearly 41,000 people have been affected in Durban alone and volunteers are trying to help in the distribution of relief materials

#SouthAfrica #Floods #Climate

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Comment (43)

  1. According to Wion. Since 2001 china gained 120 Trillion in wealth and became the richest country in the world. They also reported India lost 45 Trillion (world record loss by a country)

    Wion: At $514 trillion, China overtakes US in terms of amassing the biggest net worth

    Gravitas: How Britain Looted $45 Trillion From India

  2. India must give Sri Lanka and Nepal around 50 billion each as a gift or else they will think we are poor and laugh at us.

  3. Egypt shd work with rest of African states to stop useless religious wars and African can provide the best wheat for their consumption

  4. 7 million tons of wheat isn't that much. Egypt alone imports 13 million tons of wheat per year. The title makes it sound like India is going to feed the world when it can't even feed Egypt's needs.

  5. India should step up her efforts on the integration of rivers as it is pending for several years and it will enable to divert water to different states when an Indian state or two receive heavy downpour during monsoon or unexpected seasons. This will ensure crops cultivation & harvest throughout the year and by combining proper long term storage infrastructures, India will remove hunger from her territory and reduce hunger from the world.

  6. Indian farmers "hold my tractor" 🚜😂
    Kudos 👌 India producing record production too.
    Look like it was coming and farmers waiting.
    India Giving 50000tons to Afghan free. 80cr indians feed monthly free too.
    Gosh indian farmers are the best.

  7. Hypocrites who do Billions of Dollars worth of trade with China and Russia shouldn't be telling India what to do. Arm chair foreign policy experts can keep their advise to themselves.

  8. All the super powers USA, Russia, China, EU are not stupid. They know what they are doing. The idea here is to reduce the world population by having war, virus, famine, lack of medicines, food, water etc. What India is doing is very kind but it does not help the cause. The world is over populated. Reduction is the only way forward.

  9. Vasari asked himself why C15th Florence had been the birth of the Renaissance.
    "The spirit of criticism ; the air of Florence making minds naturally free, and not content with mediocrity". Was his conclusion.
    Compare Russia : beating women protestors, and sexually abusing them in police stations.
    Russian barbarism, and the Florentine Renaissance : there is a thesis there for
    some bright Moscow student.

  10. To her credit, India has been at the forefront for sending humanitarian aid around the globe for quite some time now, as seen with the aid she quickly sent to Ukraine. Kudos

  11. India can feed whole world but can't feed it's homeless hungry people who are dying in rates of thousand per day what India's Up to.

  12. You ever heard news human rights are fighting for food crisis and promote food for every one you know why because they always blind and open eyes where they get interest. 🙏

  13. Modi the freemason creating food crisis as per bhavishya Mallika and bhavishya puran,, only 330 million bhaartiya vaidikk dharmikk will survive in the end .rest will.died…330 million godfigure = 33 crore devi devta are manav manushya right now..
    I am one.of them..🤣🤣😆😁👊👊 the westernised Anglo speaking followers of hindusthan will die like brutal cockroach..

  14. agriculture can't develop without water, fortunately we control those waters on Tibetan plateau.
    1/3 food export must for us, China

  15. Modiji, this is not your govt's feat, but the effort of our poor farmers, ourAnnadattas deserve the credit, after the way you treated our honest farmers.

  16. Lately the world seems to think India is a wild card. I tend to think it is nationalist and trying to be nutural.

  17. God bless India, ordinary Indians and Modi Ji. The last few years have shown us who should be the world's moral police. As they say, actions ALWAYS speak louder than words.
    Jai Hind from Nigeria.

  18. India has also all the weather conditions of the world natural to it to grow any kind of the crop, absolutely India can feed the world….

  19. The amount of grain India has is over filling which is good to put that to use, thank you for your help india

  20. In a few months India will be starving along with Africa so they better save some of that food for themselves.🤣

  21. I hope India prioritises Middle East, African and South American nations. Even China has refused to release its own grain stocks to EU. The developing, lesser income world should not suffer because of something happening seven oceans away. Let EU+UK purchase wheat from Russia in rubles, if they want to.

  22. Mark my word. INDIA is country who will develop peace in the world. In INDIA they feed you till the last bread they have. They have no hidden politics when it comes to humanity..where western countries just look at profits and posh life. INDIA will never disappoint anyone in the future. Becasue she is the simple and honest mother who will feed and spread peace in this world. China had chance but no one knew China also so untrustworthy and looks only for profit. they are like small children fighting for toys.


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