India: UK PM Boris Johnson at Rashtrapati Bhavan, ceremonial reception at President house | WION

PM Boris Johnson is on two-day long visit in India, he is expected to visit his counterpart PM Narendra Modi later in the day today. This comes after Johnson announced commercial agreements worth $1.3 billion.

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  3. Hope they will start a new project of building toilets in India because according to new reports 732 million people in India have not access to toilet.
    UK please solve our toilet issue please.

  4. China I want to thank you for your awesome success! China is the mother of all Nations! Yes the mother of all Nations who loves success and self-achievement! China is the mother of respect in the world. Thank you China for your unbelievable beauty and your unbelievable achievements! Thank you for your mega projects and you're great lovable people who are so respectful everywhere I meet them!

  5. Jai hind Indians respect even those who once tyrannized and enslaved them and attempted to remove their age old civilization but jai shree ram can someone educate pres biden on his democratic counterpart congress woman Ilan omar she needs to b educated or danger for all Americans wake up Americans wake up with people as this woman in your congress

  6. I love China! I am an American soldier and I Love China! I am an American Fighting Man, and I love China!

  7. I love the success of India's neighbor China! I love India's neighbor! Does India love their neighbor? Does India respect their neighbor? Does India seek peace with their neighbor? Your neighbor has searched in India for peace, but India has turned their backs on the rising Sun! India is swallowing the darkness! India chooses peace with Ukraine but not peace with China! It's a sad sad day for India! India is going down the rabbit hole!

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  10. Why मिस्टर. बोरिस agenda was so planned that he has to be in Gujrat first?

  11. Very poor video; most likely taken with a primitive camera!
    Next time please use at least 3 that are mounted on tripods and strategically placed.
    And, be sure that the cameraman is not suffering from some medical ailment.

  12. I am of the Indian Civilisation and a proud Brit. Ty for honouring our Prime Minister Boris Joghnson so warmly in India.


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