India-US 2+2 ministerial meeting: Defence and foreign ministers meet in Washington, DC| English News

Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh are in Washington for the 2+ 2 foreign and defence ministry dialogues with their US counterparts. Listen in the opening remarks by the leaders of both the countries.

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Comment (34)

  1. As i sthought ….India beggingUS to provide security from US , afraid of China and knowing that they already screwed their relationship with Russia…hahahahaha… peeing not only shaken

  2. It's privilege to listen, learn and get inspired from legend Jai Shankar sir… He is best diplomat and very very smart and great responses to tough questions…..

  3. If i was -BIDEN .. I would FORCE.. RUSSIA 🇷🇺 HAND… To Enforce Our FORCES even MORE.. Since .. Other NATION scared Of RUSSIA 🇷🇺 THREAT.. & SILENCE THE CONFUSION… 🙄😭🙄😂

  4. This is being made unnecessarily painful for India for no fault of ours. The US is failing across the globe and now is desperately pulling at straws with embargoes and baseless sanctions

  5. Dharma means कर्तव्य ।। । That is what one terms as righteousness!!! Dharma has nothing to do with religion! ? Many present day religions have come in to existence only in last 2000–2500 years, where as Dharma has been an age old tradition of Bharat 🚩 (India)!!

  6. India now meets the US as equals in a Partnership not junior member of an alliance. Have to give it to our diplomacy, many countries can learn a lot from India in this aspect

  7. Obama said: The world cannot sustain Chinese and Indian people to have the same standard of living as we in the West.

  8. Every time a US leader wants to fool the Indians, he starts his speech like that: US and India are the oldest and largest democracies…. blah… blah…
    But I remember how funny it was in 1998 after US sanctions on India bec of nuclear tests. India justifying itself: We are the largest democracy, why don't you sanction China…

  9. Now some Chinese idiots will come and commenting about how great their country is to show off they are not afraid of Quad 🤣😂🤭

  10. Too many pointless meetings with the global war criminals in Washington DC is not in India's interest. Only bilateral issues between the two countries should be discussed in these 2+2 conversations. United Nations is the place for debating, discussing and finding solutions to non-bilateral matters such as the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

  11. Biden dosent deserv the word president. This administration only talks about russia som they can hide what shit they have Done USA.Every time i se one of them i get so angry faken fraud people they are so evil

  12. The US need to sanction India for buying oil from the Russians, their money helps killing the Ukrainian people.

  13. "It's no longer possible for the US to expect the whole World to dance to their tune "From The rest of the World . US Empire is dead.

  14. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣USA MOTTO is " We Lie , We Cheat , We Steal " Not very good on your resume .

  15. India's attitude only leads to India having to commit harder as an ally and that translates into money spending as well. Words needs to be backed up by acts, words without acts are empty ambitions

  16. … India/Modi are CHEAPSKATES – buying CHEAP putin's oil & buying CHEAPER putin's weapons than America's just to counter COMMUNIST china…. china's military are more superior than India's so question is WHY India/Modi STILL RELY on putin's military hardware – doesnt it MAKE SENSE for India/Modi to use MORE SUPERIOR American weapons to counter china….. BE MORE WISE India/Modi & NOT "Penny Wise Pound Foolish"

  17. …India/Modi is nothing but a COWARD – DARE NOT CONDEMN putin's GENOCIDE in Ukraine cos NEEDS his Pistol & Oil…. India/Modi is now more COMMUNIST then Democratic cos India/Modi CANT Differenciate between DEATH ( Genocide ) & NEEDS ( Pistol & Oil )…. India/Modi is such a SPINELESS & UNRELIABLE QUAD partner & yet India/Modi relies on America/Japan/Australia to counter COMMUNIST china…. There's a famous proverb – " if u see a Cobra & a Mamak – who do u kill first " — Mamak is the answer

  18. Is US using Modi as a tool to achieve US ambition and self interest.
    Beware and see the difference between QUAD and AUKUS where priority given to white hair and blue eyes humans.

  19. This war is game to bring the world currency to one as already planned by world economic forum .Putin was the student of this world economic forum .so he is just playing his part .so all other democratic country will agree one world order and one currency and economic forum will rule the world.

  20. We are not allies. We are friends in time. The US foreign policy is recognized in India as you scratch my back and I will scratch yours……..till you bleed to death. That is what India is wary of. And rightly so. India is the measurer of its own destiny. It has other friends in Russia, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela and Cuba. US is not the leader of our free World………we are. And we will control our destiny. If your security agenda suits us……we can work with you. Otherwise, we can work on our own.

  21. I hope US will accept and respect that India have its own geopolitical strategy for advancing and safeguarding its own national interest & security.
    I hope US will graciously accept the rising India, as another equal superpower & partner, in the 21st century …. and I hope that India's position and acceptance of a multipolar (instead of a unipolar) world order in the 21st century and beyond does not warrant US to adopt containment policy or any covert destabilizing activities (against the rise of India) in order to maintain its own American Exceptionalism and American authoritarian democracy.

  22. America:india must against Russia
    India:why India must against Russia?
    America:you must obey me
    India:I'm independent country

  23. A slight tilt towards U S by India when honorable PM Modiji condemned Buchha massacre , subject to independant enquiry . President Biden himself did not raise it , as could be seen on TV media yesterday . Looked like Modiji himself raised it . The virtual meeting ahead of 2 + 2 meeting , seems to set to tone , to avoid any possible embarrassment.


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