India-US 2+2 ministerial meeting: Defence & Foreign ministers of India & US to meet

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a virtual meeting with US President Joe Biden to further deepen ties between the both nations ahead of India-US 2+2 ministerial meet.

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Comment (47)

  1. If India listened to US lies and betrayed Russia = Ukraine 2.0
    Geopolitically, India will face China and Russia at the same time.
    America is safe on the other side of the Pacific, drinking coffee and selling arms to India. Let the entire Eurasian continent confront each other.
    India needs to recognize itself as a member of Eurasia.

  2. The EU is kidnapped by the US for his geopolitical game.
    already in recession. The economy will fall by 10% this year
    India needs to wake up.

  3. Fighting 7.9% inflation (more like 15%) with a 1% Fed funds interest rate is like stopping a forest fire with a bucket of water. Folks prepare accordingly. Make investment in other not to depend on the government for funds

  4. Ukraine should stop using civilians as a shield for the military. The Bucha massacre is a side effect of mocking the frustrated Russia. The people of Ukraine should think that this is not a Ukraine vs Russia war. This is Russia vs America war.

  5. Knowing how to speak in English but prefering to speak in India's national language shows Modiji"s mindset and patriotism. Biden can learn Hindi and speak in Hindi if he wants –or you can speak in your language and I will speak in my language. That's the kind of attitude.
    This shows how strong India has become since Mr Modi became the PM of India. Mutual respect is the policy India expects and applies.

    If it was Mouni, he would have spoken in English.

    Remember, even that poor Pakistani nation's PM nawaz sherif dared to insult him. "Murmering like an old village lady."
    But being a nationalist, Modi felt the insult and responded to Nawaz accordingly on behalf of India"'s PM.
    That's India's lion Modiji.

  6. #1. Demonization:
    Demonization is to condemn of individuals, groups, nations or political bodies
    as evil. ( Calumniation: or Defamation: )

    #2. Denigration: ( characterization )
    Denigration is fabricate a libelous draconian, characters assassination, or
    defamation of individuals, groups, or political bodies of other nations.

    #3. Mass Hysteria:
    Mass Hysteria create uncontrollable outburst of emotion disorder, disturbances
    and violent emotional outbreaks of other nations or political bodies. ( agitators )

    American Apocalyptic Mindset:
    same old same old nothing new
    so call in the name of justice and peace.
    proxy war, subversion, sedition, and Insurrection :
    ( alex lee )


    Gravitas: From Iraq to Afghanistan: America's trail of deaths ( youtube )
    WION ( youtube channel ) 15 – December – 2021


  7. US, and Uk ( anocracy )
    Hobbes Leviathan : ( The Kingdom of Darkness )
    The first class citizen: ( the slave master )
    #1. US, UK and the west always consider themself first class citizen
    #2. and the eastern europe second class citizens and never equal.
    #3. the rest of the world are third class citizens or third world nation.
    #4. The Elite always consider themself first class citizen in America.
    #5. Now the Elite consider themself first class citizen of the world.


  8. There won’t b peace as long as usa is involved in sending taxpayers money to create further problems between russia and Ukraine what a joker this zelensky

  9. Ukraine war is the American dream. It was orchestrated by US and prolonged by US. As Putin said – the war can end in a day if Washington gives the order. But this is not a war about Ukraine, its a war about who will rule the entire world after, US or BRICS

  10. USA have to stop ✋ played godfather of the world ☝🏽🤡
    Ukraine have Europe and USA NATO….
    I think that's enough…
    We are free humans of India country 🇮🇳
    We don’t have take a Side of Russia Ukraine ☝🏽

  11. USA 🇺🇸 buying Russian🇷🇺 oil at discounted price and selling these to Europe. Atleast stay ture to your word. Actually USA want these war to keep going so that they could generate more profit.

  12. How can India demand dialogue when Russia wants to keep on bombing Ukraine?

    If India really mean what it is saying, it should ask Russia, Putin to stop bombing altogether and withdraw from Ukraine.

    What would India do, if it is being invaded and its invader keep on bombing its country and still would not cease bombing India ?
    With a barbaric imperialistic invader like Russia , woule India beg for a dialogue?

    WHY doesn't India admit it that it cannot oppose Russia because of its self-interest of arms sales/support from Russia, which it needs to counter China?

    Admit the truth so as not to appear hypocrite.

    The US or other democratic countries with military technology might be able to help and replace Russia as arms supplier to India , even just temporarily while the Ukraine invasion is going on.

    Furthermore, India's dependence on Russia could potentially be used by Russia as a blackmail tool or weapon against India or against the QUAD alliance in the future as Russia is closely allied with China , India's mortal enemy.

    How can India be friend with its enemy's close friend?

    India is standing on shaky ground for what it is doing.

    It should stop its dependence/Reliance on Russia under Putin , which has no moral ethics ,and righteousness.

    India can see how Russia has committed ruthless unprovoked invasion, destruction of Ukraine.

    Imagine , India , if your country is in the sh9es of Ukraine, – would you still beg for a dialogue while you are being ruthlessly bombed to the ground?

    Be realistic and admit the truth.

  13. India, Russia can invade your country too, not only China.
    You cannot trust either one, both are autocratic communist countries which hold opposite values to democratic countries.

    To them, " the end justify the means" and " might is right"

  14. Usa can stay not happy if they wish .
    Who is us to tell everybody what to do? Even if India takes sides will that stop the war? Us it seems just doing that to irritate countries. I think very immature.I love India and support India's stand ,which india has time and time again said anyway.

  15. The US Secretary of Defence is a retired 4 star general and recently set on the board of Raytheon, one of US major arm dealers that brings death and destruction around the world.

  16. Just a few months ago the primary fear was a potential conflict between India, China and/or Pakistan, with all of them armed with nuclear weapons and now it seems Indian sovereignty, diplomacy and stable neutrality may be shielding mankind from this increasingly unstable and visibly decomposing empire. Very impressive!

  17. The US is 24% of the global GDP; our sanctioning alliance is 52% of the world GDP. India represents 3.3% & Russia represents 2%.

    What does this mean for India? The United States alone represents 18% of India's exports, more than the next three combined. Russia is about .3%, no amount of oil could possibly offset the cost of an amoral approach to genocide.

    No man is an island.

  18. hahaha US Biden dare not speak tough with Modi. In fact US is scared of loosing India so US is wearing silk gloves handling MODI. Happy to see MODI stand firm on its own foreign policy and not kow tow to the US !

  19. Never Believe in "Sweet n Supportive" words from Washington DC. They have Many Colours which Changes very Fast.

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  21. Nato nations themselves have continued to buy oil and gas from Russia but Biden since last 10 days pressure on India not to buy oil from Russia which is quite insignificant that European countries by from Russia.

  22. That Indian reporter should improve his English pronunciation.. words like — night-ta , president-ta , Pacific-ka , about-ta , not-ta , side-ta , talk-ka, satellite-ta , debris-ah , because-ah , 🤣🤣

  23. People are starving, attacking people with fire arms, facing uncertain future. These don't bother USA, UK, EU and NATO. They busy playing sanctions and democracy games. First game is rubbish and worthless and second one doesn't exist (all figment of imagination. Canada is the best example). I think the political establishments in such countries are incompetent and under qualified to understand the founding framework and meaning of democracy. Democracy in such countries are linked to musical chair – one goes and another comes whereas nothing changes for common citizens. Shameful

  24. USA want Asian most powerful country india,china and Russia are three neighbor country to be stay separated for self benifits

  25. India doesn't want any part of Obama's regime change initiatives and the mayhem that followed earlier efforts in Syria and Libya


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