India-US 2+2 ministerial meeting: India defends purchase of Russian oil | World English News | WION

Top officials from the world’s two largest democracies held ministerial-level talks in Washington after their leaders from India and the United States discussed their differences over the Ukraine war. WION’s principal correspondent Siddhant Sibal brings in more on this.

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Comment (44)

  1. India is the only country in the world which has exposed deep rooted western countries HYPOCRISY especially USA..Though India remain and should remain best ever ally of USA..Hats off to the braveness & truthfullness of our beloved EAM Sir S.Jaishankar..India must respect their allies be it the oldest one Russia and the newest one USA..

  2. Does India have to defend its buying of a commodity that it needs which india bought from another country for it's own use if anyone has a problem with that country let them settle it with the country must a third party country looking out for it's own interests be dragged into it, who is buying oil that is drilled by the so called Syrian democratic force's in the north eastern part of Syria and have the ever been sanctioned or questioned India knows better than following a policy of appeasement of some foreign country seeking it's own gains.

  3. India is big country with many people,they should develop cooperate with China,Iran,Russia. Imperialists from USA are needed there like hole in the bridge

  4. Indian policy will always in favor of Indian citizens, we are free country and n one has right to tell us with whom we have to balance our economical issue, we are preferring neutrality and every country should respect that. We are helping Ukrainians by providing medicines n necessities at the place of weapons to fuel the war.

    Great reply, a tight slap on EU n US hypocrisy

  5. India is not looking very good right now. Dont be complaining years down the line when we arent sharing the new tech with you. Please do not break faith with the good guys. And ruin the trust by joining the side of evil

  6. Rajnath Singh ko….bejatti….karwane mai mazaa aata hai….mujhe aisa lagta hai….modi-shah kam hai….jo rajnath Singh aa gaya….hadh kar di Bjp ne….ye tarika hai….public ke support ka ahsaan chukane ka….congress is indirectly responsible for all this.

  7. INDIAN Modi Government BJP ARE SELFISH. They doesn't care about Russia killing Ukrainians. They want to take advantage and buy cheap oil and supporting PUTIN and selling expensive Petrol for Indians.

  8. USA want Asian most powerful country india,china and Russia are three neighbor country to be stay separated for self benifits

  9. I salute you sir, INDIA🇮🇳 need more man like S.Jayasankar sir, 💖💖🔥🔥👌👌👌 nice reply against the hypocrisy of European country and USA about oil purchasing from Russia 💕💞, best slap for Western media 👌👌

  10. How about the US? When are they going to defend their increase in purchase of Russian oil by 43% in March 2022? Why is it only India that needs to defend?

  11. The US need to mind their own business. They should worry about their own country and stop bullying other countries. Great Job India

  12. This shows the mounting pressure to India by the U. S. military drivened govt because in the future India might overtake the American economy in terms of ppp and gdp.
    Expect more pressure and meddling to internal affairs of India by the U. S.

  13. US, UK and Australia are trying to drag Japan into AUKUS to form JAUKUS (pronounce jackass) just no India 😁😁😁😁

  14. If every country is a sovereign state as claimed by US. Why will one country determine the who a sovereign state should do business with?

  15. They shouldn't have to defend over this. People need energy. These DC politicians do not signify the average Americans beliefs.

  16. The O'Bidens are purchasing oil from Russia, inflicting pain and suffering onto the American people. The American government is the most corrupt, evil, putrid governments in the world.

    India has the right to purchase oil from any country they want to.

    I am an American, and like the majority of Americans, I do not trust the American government, or the O'Bidens, Dem's and Rino's.

  17. Why not US supply India with cheaper energy than Russia? Then India will surely not buy from Russia. Every wise country will consider its own interest first.

  18. As an American, I apologize to the Diplomatic Indian Officials. The Morons running our Country right now,are Thugs and Bullies… millions of us will be glad to see the End of the Petro Dollar! Most thinking People despise the Eternal Thuggery of our Government Officials.. To the Beautiful Considerate People of India …., Thank you, And to Dr S. Jaishankar, your obvious Courtesy and Kindness towards the fools presented to you, Is wonderous to behold : It must be galling to have to put up with these mindless idiots. Our Best to you Sir..Hopefully This will all be resolved by Diplomacy and More Intelligent Americans.. ‘ Though I suspect that will take some Time, considering our Corrupt Sock Puppets

  19. Walk the talk, America. Stop buying oil from Russia first before lecturing other countries. The world is watching and laughing at you. Sheer hypocrites.

  20. Frankly……… gut tells me Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is not a person to be trusted !……….see how he threatened India when he wasn't sharing the stage with Jaishankar ……….

    Blinken would not have the guts to say such a thing if he was sharing the stage with Jaishankar

  21. India DO NOT let this White House administration bully you. They don't care about India or it's people. Look at this current administration top to bottom; history proves over and over again they are not to be trusted.

  22. The West and USA has a colonial white supremacy ideas and want to keep non white countries down. They try with China,India and African countries. India should be carful With USA. USA has no leg to stand on to lectures about human rights to India. USA treated the African Americans appallingly and killed all the Native Americans and put them in reservations. Now they want to tell India about human rights in India. America India,s human rights are better than yours and go to hell. Tell Your friends Pakistan and Israel about human rights.

  23. USA ipocrisia is unbelievable USA increase buying oil from Russia by 45 per cent but band other country to buy wat is going on what game is this killing people or make them starve God help us please

  24. Just say you don't give a shit if your money is supporting a war killing civilians…simple. Funny how many people support Russia killing people.

  25. If Russia gets something out of the war of aggression.
    We should build up our military strength and go to war.
    We don't need liberal democracy, culture and arts.

  26. I'm an African American man living in America, and I have great respect for the people's of the Republic of India, and it's External Affairs Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar.

  27. US must respect India, Then US must stop business with India, that's simple. You are friend of my enemy then you are my enemy. So India must stop supporting US. so let the War of Trades begin


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