India-US 2+2 ministerial meeting: Ukraine looms large over 2+2 dialogue | World English News | WION

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to hold a virtual meeting with US President Joe Biden to further deepen ties between the both nations ahead of India-US 2+2 ministerial meet.

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Comment (24)

  1. Why oh why does the USA think they have the right to tell the world what to do !! go back to your retirement home Biden and leave other countries to get on with their own politics

  2. How dare the USA go around telling the world what to do . REMEMBER NO WMDS’s BIDEN WAS V PRO THE ILLEGAL INVASION OF IRAQ

  3. Biden perfectly represents the USA in decline I will bully old man trying to tell the rest the world what to do I was not being able to keep his eyes open

  4. I don’t understand.. US has personal problems with Russia and using Ukraine Zelen as a cute puppy to blame Russia show the world it’s dangerous and sell US weapons as usual shitty businesses and all EU Akissers follows US due to bullying sanctions, isn’t enough and these people want India to be part of it.. really?? India is large economy bigger then USA and EU. And have so many problems to take care, we don’t have time for this on US blame war.. every body knows how they start and take all the treasures in the end.. 80%US people against this Biden escalation, he will keep this war going, two people need a lesson Biden andZelen this war will over, No Nato no B shit..rvery one goes home safe..

  5. Indian needs to be aware that the US is the continuation of the Anglo British way of being….. Hope Indians haven't forgotten how India got raped for years by the British……

  6. India try to ride two horses here..! Everyone know how that ends!

    Either you built up trust between countries ..and benefits from that trust in gaining better deals for both countries, due to this trust!
    ..Or you are left to try to ‘play the game’ of ‘neutrality’ ..where you are exploiting the world-situation to your best ..AND are left to deal with ditto countries(or worse) and get plaid by your equals …or your enemies!!

  7. For Russia and Ukraine peaceful dialog it is required from Russia to stop bombing ukrainian cities first. And withdraw troops from ukrainian territory.

  8. You are expressing among the best of the definition "the positive side of the History" – as much as this is and will be possible -, but you do not know what is at stake and how high the clash here is (the iceberg is just surfacing very, very slowly), and the final outcome of it, but I can only hope that will be a better World at least in terms of sincerity in all regards and you may be part of this 70% of the World`s final disapproval. You cannot even dream of what`s at stake now, but you go the right way now, though you made recently a sincere diplomatic mistake falling into a staged picture.

  9. So crude oil.. Does that have to be processed before you can use it? Yeah but USa has the oil tycoons who fight green energy dependance. The Poor countries who need cheaper energy need the Russian crude . So they have to think what is good for their country and what benefit do they get for supporting Russia or the Usa . I think China is just thinking whats best for their country . they have that luxury. But the USa supports NAto so they have to do that. I wish we could all just help each other. It would be a better world

  10. This secratary of Defence spend to much time in the west he doesnt know how Russia helped agianst Aparteid in South Africa and Africa as a whole stupid.

  11. India's refusal to follow the US' lead in condemning and sanctioning Russia over the Ukraine crisis has increasingly irritated Washington. After White House officials issued warnings to New Delhi on multiple occasions, US President Joe Biden singled out India for its "shaky" response to Russia's military operation against Ukraine while addressing a meeting of US business leaders in Washington Monday.

    Biden lauded the US-led alliance, including NATO, the European Union and key allies in the Pacific, especially Japan and Australia, for its "united front" against Russian President Vladimir Putin, but accused India of being "an exception" among Washington's allies and partners.

    Not surprisingly, those who have gained a thumbs-up from Biden are blocs and countries often widely regarded as US megaphones and criticized for their lack of independent diplomacy toward the US internationally. The number of such obedient allies is quite limited – all of which seemingly have been named during Biden's Monday speech. In fact, quite a few US allies and partners in Asia and the Middle East such as Turkey and the United Arab Emirates disagree with the US approach of forcing Russia into a corner. India is definitely not the only "exception."

    The US wishes to draw India to its side to act against Russia over the Ukraine crisis, which runs counter to India's own diplomatic traditions and practical interests. Since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, New Delhi has adopted a neutral stance and has appealed for peace and constant dialogue. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi put it, India's stand is based on "connections with both Russia and Ukraine." India and Russia have long maintained a close relationship with cooperation in both the defense and security sectors. There is no motivation for New Delhi to serve Washington's interests at the cost of harming its own relationship with Moscow.

    As an independent country, India has the right to make diplomatic decisions in line with its own interests and the reality. However, this has become unacceptable for the US.
    Biden's criticism of India laid bare the hypocrisy of the so-called democratic alliance. If India were to blindly follow US directives, it would be seen as a "like-minded partner," but if it were to do otherwise, it would invite condemnation and would be labeled as an "exception."

    But the fact is when it comes to the Ukraine crisis, the US and the puppets it controls are the minority and "exceptions." The majority of countries including India and China support a peaceful resolution to the crisis through diplomatic efforts. They understand the crisis has its historical context, that NATO's eastward expansion led by the US has cornered Russia to counteract, and ruthlessly piling up sanctions on Russia won't help resolve the crisis.

    Out of strategic selfishness, Washington has been fanning the flames of the Ukraine crisis and seeking profits. But most countries are not willing to be kidnapped by the US. They know the merits of the issue and where their interests are, and they determine their stance based on these. The true face of Washington has been made clear: It forces allies and partners to take sides regardless of their concerns or interests, which will make those countries become more cautious in developing relations with the US in future.

  12. Say what you will because the fundamental of moral bankruptcy is dealing with people who don't allow free speech.

  13. Stalin said that the people who live by it's all about the Benjamins will sell you the rope to hang them with. Thank goodness

  14. how come he's not shitting on EU countries that are ramping up their russian gas purchases cause of the discounted rate?

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  16. Europe CANT cut off Russia..

    India has a choice. That's the difference

    You can pretend that staying neutral is a strategy. But the reality is that India is new and their military not up to par.

    When China (and Russia) pushes against India in the future… as they have in the past. India will act like they have no idea what happened and how they've become pawns in a communist country tries game.

    Neutrality is a luxury no one can afford while countries like China and Russia still exist.
    They pretend to befriend. They pretend to align.. but it is only in abid to control and dominate.

    As far as human rights.. I like how you never said how India said they were going to FIX the issue..

    Instead of saying "well the US isn't innocent…"

    Great way to dodge the point. Who cares who says it if it's true?

    Human rights should mean alot more considering its your own people being exploited.

    Your Neutrality will be a detriment later on. You can't have your xake and eat it too


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