Indian EAM S Jaishankar addresses Bucha killings in the parliament | Russia-Ukraine Conflict | WION

India at the United Nations Security Council called for an independent probe into the Bucha killings. It also said that ‘reports from Bucha are disturbing’. Now, Indian EAM S Jaishankar addressed Bucha killings in the parliament.

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Comment (39)

  1. This will go on until and unless USA and NATO will not stop supplies of materials, hardware and men( soldiers) to Ukraine. They are in proxy war and enough Blood shed. Now they will be little sensible to make free this comedian president so that he can take his own decision for a peaceful solution. World is still unknown how the President Biden's son was funding Biological labs in Ukraine.

  2. Nobody can end the war but only the Russian can, If all the Russian starts raising a voice against their govt then there will be a hope , but seems like the Russian and the world are enjoying the war and the deaths.

  3. Choosing for peace and buying blood stained oil that continues a war don't go hand in hand. And that goes for all hypocrites around the world. Cal it whatever you like, the word you are looking for will still be hypocrite. Good to see the West is dialing it down to zero, shame India is buying. Would you buy my products knowing I will use it to spend it on tools which I can/will use to burglaries and murder your neighbors?

  4. We are at a point where it is important that EVERYONE demonstrate that we condemn Putin's regime and its actions (Putin's regime, not Russia). It is very important that the Russian people do the same. It is very important that the people of nations whose governments have not yet openly criticized Putin's actions also do so.
    We are going through a decisive moment. A moment of choice between democracy or dictatorship, between freedom or oppression, between justice or aggression, between respect for other nations or an attempt to subjugate those nations.
    We are going through a moment when practically everyone has access to information and knows what is happening. A moment when all of us TOGETHER can make a difference for a better world. We must not forget that the behavior of humanity is the sum of the behavior of each one of us, and that it has never been so easy to express what we think as it is now. Take advantage of this opportunity while we still can!

  5. USA and NATO is directly responsible for this disastrous situation. Provoking Russia through Ukraine. Europe will surely suffer by this mess. Feel sad for those who lost their lives in the conflict. India don't support war. Will not fall in USA and Western trap either.

  6. Russia' investigation result: The bodies are actors pretending to be dead. Ukrainians did not find the mass graves fast enough, so Ukrainians did this during the 1-2 days after we left.
    This is why russia was silenced at the UN.

  7. India has taken side of Russia by economically supporting it. The Western Allied Forces are most likely going to try to topple the far right Modi government.

  8. There is plenty of evidence to support that Ukrainian soldiers asked Bob were in Baldwin civilian killings Patrick Lancaster’s has video of Ukrainian civilians speaking of the atrocities the same as Ukrainian soldiers are saying that Russia created the atrocities both should have to produce a legitimate evidence to prove contrary NATO and EU will not listen to anyone’s reason they don’t even want evidence presented supporting Russian claims

  9. India is smart. India gov knows what is India national interest in the ukrain war. India gov serves Indian people, not the west interests. Proud of india.


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