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Indian PM Narendra Modi is all set to embark on a 3-day trip to Europe where he will visit 3 European Nations- Germany, Denmark and France. This will mark Indian PM’s first abroad trip in 2022.

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  1. a day without STREETSHITTING in SAPAR PAWAR PAJITISTAN is a day wasted – pajeet Patel 3


  3. PAJEET my son ur stomach hurt now choose a designated street to release RAMRAM RAMRAM

  4. Putin's "Rape Joke" about Ukraine :-
    President Vladimir Putin quoted Soviet-era punk-rock lyrics about rape and necrophilia to demonstrate what Russia wants from Ukraine.
    "Tough it out, beautiful" about Ukraine's alleged reluctance to comply "
    'Like it or don't like it, it's your duty, my beauty.'
    They must be fulfilled. It won't work otherwise." Putin said of the comments :-
    ‘Like it or not, my beauty, you have to put up with it’
    The Whitehouse was asked : "The other day. Putin made what many Russian speakers interpreted as a rape joke directed at Ukraine. Given that diplomacy is all about talking, how does the administration view talk like this? "
    The joke rhymes in Russian :-“‘Like it or not, my beauty, you have to put up with it ".

  5. India's strategy is one of growth through servitude…it can only do this for so long before it's employers / masters demand its allegiance on political points of contention… to whom will it show loyalty then…Europe, Russia, US? It needs to be careful it doesn't get squeezed to hard.

  6. Let's hope he's been jabbed three times and tested throughout and flea checked before entering civilisation lol

  7. Teacher to an Abdul from Pakistan: What’s a Flea Market?
    Abdul: A Market where people sell Fleas.

  8. Dont take anythings from india they will sell your kids and mothers on the streets thats what they do in india.

  9. Free 4day Europe trip to escape Hot Indian Summer. Meanwhile no bilateral free trade deals or Important works.

  10. As the EU, the great 'sanctioner' of Russia, is buying far more oil, than India … as is America, there shouldn't be any probl3ms. Although i would like to know is America, Europe for that matter, buying in rubles?

  11. The new F>Secy cant seem to speak with any confidence, and this Bagchi speaks out of turn, stumbling and mumbling…as ALWAYS !!Is this the new team we can expect to see henceforth? They seem to be VERY mediocre timeservers, kicked upstairs to you jobs, merely because of the ''seniority slot?!!

  12. India never forget your best friends who helped you in difficult times and remember the colonial masters who are bringing you honey and thea with sweet talk now. Take what they give to you, but always keep in mind that they can take it back from you when your duty is not longer served in their interst. Thats why keep your friends close but your enemies closer. India understand ths.

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