Did you know American Indians also owe Negros of African Ancestry 40 acres?

The Freedman Controversy Models like that of Garoutte are at odds with the reality of the postcolonial membership requirements in groups like the Cherokee Nation. Specifically, Freedmen, the descendants of Black african slaves of the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Muscogees (Creeks), and Seminole tribes, have faced significant exclusion.

Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8
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  1. They Mixed with tribes to try and whip us out are blood line dont think aboriginal American Indians had locks in there hair those Native Americans have straight hair like a dog which come from your test tube caucasian that has animal in the dna stop lying the the jig is up we want are land back time for the foreigners to leave are home and we are not Africans

  2. My ancestors are from Africa, any mixture of blood due to slavery I can now proudly disregard. No offense meant, I know my real roots and paternal ancestry and I find pride in knowing that my ancestors are traced to the slave trade. This History shows that my ancestors are of Royal heritage, the same Blood Line of my Savior. To be more specific ,of the tribe of Judah. Knowing this, why want to be anything else, be blessed.

  3. This is pretty interesting. Because I been doing Genealogy. I have multiple family names that i traced on my mother and father side. There were soo many that I had on the dawes roll. I really want to dive hard into it because soo many of the names lead to Cherooke By blood, Minor Blood, And Freedman. But Mainly by blood.

  4. Thanks for making this plain to understand, because not all African American have Indian, but it's still sad they are willing not to except they are still originally African not willing to look to TMH for guidance, seeking for Man to except them . No one is going to validate you, But our Father. Wake Up

  5. So again we trying to be everything and everyone but who we truly are. So when is it going to sink in my people… WE HAVE NO FRIENDS…NO ALLIES NO COALITIONS….NADA…..policies are made for the group not the individual…..EVERYONE HAS BENEFITED OFF OF US AND WILL NEVER GIVE US WHAT YOU ARE OWED….OUR STORY ARE THE MIsSING PAGES IN THE HISTORY BOOKS….YOU CAN'T TALK ABOUT HISTORY, CIVILIZATION, CULTURE….NOTHING WITHOUT MENTIONING US OF THE AFRICAN DISPORA..this is why we are hated and disdain everywhere we go…..POINT BLANK PERIOD!!
    Just our existence is proof that they can't run from their trechous past nor have the gulls to confront themselves of the viles in their hearts and the hearts of their generations.

    Those monsters had children and have never stopped….we're living with their children/ descendants now….and still seeing their hate….but WE keep wanting to BELIEVE that they care for us…..we all one….we all bleed and suffer the same.

    So again when is it going to sink in for us. We are suppose to be a set apart nation…our God keep telling us to be separate but we want to adopt everything and everyone….but don't anybody adopt or tolerate us.

    If a child is African and Asian or White or Hispanic, or Arab etc….the Asian/ White, Hispanic or Arab community does not see that child as one of them but AS A NIGGA we the only race willing and DEPERASTELY wanting to accept others TRASH when they don't accept ours…..again policies are made for the GROUP NOT THE INDIVIDUAL. When they discriminate they don't separate us… they discriminate against ALL OF US. Those sign during Jim Crow didn't say "a certain type of black people"…..naw they said ALL.

  6. A native American with "Smith" as a last name😐 make it make sense. The same things the Dahomey tribes did in Africa with the Portuguese and English by selling our ancestry and the Portuguese and England tuned on them and enslaved them and massacred them, which is essentially what the English did with the Native Americans, which is why the Native Americans didn't want to stop the slavetrade or give up their slaves. That first treaty nobody loves speaking about is the way the English made peace with the Native Americans and like the now 1776 establishment of America they too raped black African women and did procreate with them, and became of those atrocious acts people who have Native American blood have every right to be!

  7. 5 Civilized Tribes were part of the New York 1516 treaties, and joined the Confederate soldiers to enslaved black people. The Appalachian and one other Indian tribe refused to enslave black people and they helped black people escape to Florida. This is how Seminoles nation came about.

  8. As a Black American by default nationality I have thoroughly researched my genealogy: I'm of African ancestry primarily, of Nigeria region and of specific maternal tribe of Fulani and paternal tribe Tsogo. And no doubt of other African tribes. Not Native American nor Judah.

  9. More importantly in this conversation, the Black ppl trying to get accepted by the non black ppl of this country needs to end. The issue is African blood is dominant. That's why these groups don't want us included because it doesn't take long for our blood to take over.


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