Indian PM Modi holds talks with German Chancellor Scholz: Ukraine remains the key focus | WION

Indian PM Narendra Modi has embarked on a Euro tour to boost ties. He landed in Berlin today to hold high-level talks. The visit comes as the Russian invasion rages on in Ukraine. He held his first in-person meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Ukraine remained the key focus during the talks.

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Comment (26)

  1. Rejects AFSPA, abrogation of articles 35A and 370 in Jammu Kashmir. Demand plebiscite as per UN outstanding resolutions in an International Disputed Territory of Jammu Kashmir.

  2. US Connecticut Lawmakers voted to break India. They don't agree with IND's sovereignty, WE better support Russia else Our country will be broken in pieces by WEST.

  3. No matter how much Mr. Modi kisses the west, he will side with Russia benefiting his own ideology of fascism under the name of 'hindu nationalism'.

  4. Germany and France need to decouple bilateral ties and trade from other issues (in the same way the EU had lectured India on its ties with China). Also Germany and France often complain that trade agreements need to be first ratified by the EU. Actually, the EU is France's and Germany's problem and not India's. India is always ready to improve ties and improve business and if the EU is coming as an obstacle, then France and Germany need to commit to country specific agreements. It is not a big concern for India if France or Germany would not like to commit as India can always reach out to other markets and this would be a lost opportunity for both France and Germany if they do not cooperate (and to some extent, India too will lose out). The Ukrainian conflict or India's ties with Russia should not come in between improving bilateral relations and these countries must try to create a win-win situation which benefits people of India, France and Germany. And these countries should self-reflect before talking about human rights. India is well aware of the appalling human rights violations: racial abuses, treatment of refugees and minorities, treatment of its own ethnic communities, islamophobia and more.

  5. European leaders are keen to gain some political guidelines for the betterment of their own countries starting with de-communalisation.

  6. India’s stand is very clear. Western mindset is either unable to understand it or it suffers from hypocrisy. War will not benefit any side.except the industries making arms. World must learn to live with different systems of government in harmony and peace.

  7. Backburner topic would have to be the bio weapon Freaks aka CCP…
    Modi 🏆 is CHAMPION statesmen and India 🇮🇳 is Blessed to have him

    BlessUp INDIA 🇮🇳 and Wion StaySafe

  8. Modi should tell those American and it's western dogs Mafia gang puppets truth and stop promoting war but to work on bringing those who are fighting on the negotiating table and supplying weapons.

  9. Good to see India becoming a stronger nation and more active member of the international community. Closer ties and more friendship is needed around the world. Also we all need to work together to counter the threat from backward thinking countries like Russia and N.Korea

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  11. I welcome the fact that Scholz has finally woken up from the coma. Late but hopefully not too late to give Ukraine the "full support" that Scholz announced nine weeks ago, just before he fell into a deep sleep, into a kind of shock!

  12. Will India be successful on its European mission to de isolate Russia ? Is India part RUSSIA'S political manoeuvre in European Union ? Is Europe's energy payments to Russia out of necessity or hypocrisy? Will India use the energy issue to softened EU 'S actions against Russia.

  13. The german gentleman was lecturing about stand on Russia. When India was fighting PLA at Galwan EU kept mum & advised to do trade with China to improve relation. You along with your master USA has no right lecturing others. While supporting Ukraine overtly and supporting Russia covertly(by buying Russian oil) you dont even have iota of shame before lecturing us. India is on its own side & if EU wants to have good trade relations with India stop lecturing .

  14. That German dude is another typical Western joker. He claims India's position is not clear. India's position since 1947 has been non-alignment. How much more clear could it be? Germany on the other hand is sending weapons to Ukraine while funding Russia through oil and gas purchases. Germany should clarify whether they actually care about Ukraine and whether or not they oppose Russia? It's very unclear.

  15. The U.S and Europe using Ukraine as Proxy to provoke and fight Russia. That is why I support Russia and Ukraine should have been Neutral

  16. India will be next after Russia and China. when you look at history, it's very easy to do this analysis. the west does not want to see any world power capable of competing with them. but, India is a future superpower 50 years and more surely. for the moment, they are doing the game theory with india giving them the impression that they are real historical partners as they have done with china, russia, etc… it's their methodology .this proves that there is a huge plan being prepared and it needs the support of all the emerging powers.


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