Indian PM Modi in Europe: Prime Minister Modi to meet with Emmanuel Macron later today| English News

After successful trips to Germany and Denmark, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will today conclude his three-day Europe visit with France and hold talks with French President Emmanuel Macron.

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Comment (27)

  1. After Russia and Israel, France is the reliable country. However, a lot has to be done between both the countries.

  2. The guy zoned out.
    "Sorry are you asking me?"😅🤦‍♂️
    Then he suggests that Putin will listen to Modi when that crazy Rooskie bear doesn't even listen to his own Mama!🤣
    This guy is definitely on dope!🤦‍♂️😁

  3. such a waste of time for modi and india – getting nothing when he returns to India
    plenty of problems awaits modi to solve

  4. any new investment for India thru modi's visit to Europe ???
    or just a waste of taxpayer dollars for another pr stunt

  5. டுவென்டி-டுவென்டிஃபோர்….மோடி… ஒன்ஸ்மோர்….2024-Modi Once More !!!! Jai Hind !

  6. Iya….
    Itu tanggal 24 februari 2022.sudah lim bahas kakak.

    Virus delta : itu buatan Jerman kan.
    Virus omicron : buatan china

    Yang lim masih bingung itu :
    Lim pernah minta utangan F35 lock martin.
    Yang disetujui : fanta 15/ fanta 16 botol.
    Barangnya tidak ada laporan sampai kerumah, karena tidak ada laporannya.
    Sewaktu masalah Ukraina. Lim pilih group Caterpillar & tim Untuk Ukraina.
    Kok bisa jadi batal. Terus..
    Malaikat Rafael Lim. Yang sudah ditandatangani Paman macro(14-02-22) Bagaimana kelanjutannya???
    Soalnya… Kakak bilang : Paman Macron menjadi presiden lagi.
    Masalah McDonald (mobil santai/toyota). Amerika, Jepang & Indonesia. Bagaimana?? Lim sudah putuskan.
    Masalah Inggris.
    Musick, dengan wajah elon mask.
    Musiknya jatuh kepada Inggris. Elon mask, seharus masuk ke indonesia donk.
    Masalah kapal pesiar Inggris. Waktu itu Lim setuju.
    Masalah Teleskop. Yang gambarnya cip kartu telepon seluler. Waktu itu Lim perbolehkan. Tapi kok sinyal seperti pipis. Yang netesnya macet-macet.
    Kakak bantuin Lim donk…
    Amerika, cari gara-gara…..
    Itu dokter mec.comel Sudah pulang kampung, belum????
    Katanya mau cebokin para babi peliharaannya dikampung.
    Rusia & Amerika. Sudah saling ciuman belum???
    Padahal… Waktu itu, Lim sudah meminta untuk berciuman…
    Wah…. Amerika cari gara-gara ini…
    Pak biden, patanya minta disetrum, menggunakan raket nyamuk ya…
    Lihat aja nanti….
    Kalo ketemu. Lim jewer itu, telinganya Papih joy.

  7. We need to get fighter jets from France. This should be the only thing on the agenda.

    Nuclear capable Rafales have the potential to stop war even before it starts. This is our best bet against 2 front pak China attack.

  8. Not going to lie Modi is a very dynamic leader. But Modi won't have any real impact on the EU's desire to destroy Russia with nuclear weapons.

  9. With EU and US continuing to provoke UKr with arms don't know how peace will return to UKr .

  10. The way to bring longterm peace would be to disband NATO. Many years ago Nelson Mandela called NATO the worst aggressor in the world. All these years of NATO flexing its muscles has caused the world untold harm.

  11. It is amazing how Hippocrates are the Europeans human rights mean nothing to them they are racist and slave traders

  12. I wish EU Donate some fund to India to overcome poverty in India. Unfortunately EU is busy in Helping Ukraine.. Probably not right time to visit.

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  14. Russia Ukraine war will definitely change the relationship of India and European countries/ US.. India's stand was good for india but west doesn't like anyone who does not obey them..

  15. India denies ground realities so bluntly and not even giving right of self determination to Kashmir's which was promised by their leader Nehru at the United Nations. As now both the neighboring countries are atomic power, there is no option of war and both are wasting their resources on something which is fruitless. It is said when you are angry you are not you so behave like sensible nation, India you are bigger part so have a bigger heart.


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