Indian PM Modi on Europe trip: India looks to boost ties with Europe | World English News | WION

Indian PM Narendra Modi has embarked on Euro tour to boost ties. He landed in Berlin today to hold high-level talks. The visit comes as Russian invasion rages on in Ukraine.

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Comment (34)

  1. All these boost of ties but lndia can't even feed it's own people. There is a reason they are 101/115 in the starving index.

  2. WION is single handedly trolling China, Pakistan and USA combined, to the extent that trolls have no clue what to put up, well done WION.

  3. Long live India , but India is a very poor country , with coal and oil shortages , unable to build trade and bridges with neighbours , water shortages and healthcare non existence , Indian currency has lost value over the last 3 years Compared to its neighbour China which is modern , and highly technological advanced in all fields .

  4. I see someone dressed up as Sri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in the crowd.

  5. I love reading the Chinese and Pakistani bots' comments. How threatened they are by one news channel of India that they have employed water armies to comment under Indian news videos. Glad that India is providing employment to these people.

  6. India better not fall for the trap Europe is setting. Why is it that all of them are now running to India? Dont fall for it India, these people will use you and then throw you away. Check their history

  7. It's always good to see bots from bhekaristan and china crying here in desperation.

  8. To the Indian folk here, how would you personally grade or rate the effectiveness of PM MODI? He seems solid, practical and of sound mind. He appears completely against the manipulation of the West, and rather is opting for transparency and clarity with leading a nation. How would you the Indian residents, rate PM MODI?

  9. The World respects an Independent and a Strong India with a Strong Leadership. This is what we need in the Future as well. India sent Millions of Free Wuhan Virus Vaccines to the rest of the World. This is one Example of a Strong Leadership. India also showed its leadership by sending Peace Keeping Forces for the UN.

  10. was she Anjana Om Kashyap in pink pulled Shivaji away for a bite..!!
    Well… She did it again…

  11. Looks like he turned he's back on he's friend Vladimir Putin now going to all this country's involved in NATO.

  12. Morons and lame bots in the comment section are frustrated at the fact that they saw a leader with a Spine. Zak July has been crying here like a frustrated little toddler.

  13. hope Modi will Focus on securing more Toilets from the western nations.. no.1 problem in India is toilets.. almost 700,000 toilets are to be distributed to its citizen.85% of India's population doesn't know how to use toilets. second is Food shortage. lack of nutrition of Indian children especially those living in slums.

  14. Another fraud bot below haven't read our history talking about toilets. We had toilets back around 8000 B.C.Ex: Bhiranna.

  15. Sound like with business deals making people where about the inhuman actions in Ukraine weird😳

  16. Yes India has lots of slaves to offer Europe. The Chinese Slaves are all dying of the BatVirus from Wuhan, Europe needs a new cheap manufacturing Country.

  17. Apne desh wale chutiye hi bahar…NRI chutiye .🤣😂😂😂ky chutiyappa jesa naach rahe he .chutiye NRI.. abhi ukraine wala treatment Germany me bhi milega .tab akal thikane aayegi.

  18. India already has Europe and the us as the two biggest users of Indian goods and services. Good to build on these.
    and to all those in Russian webfarms, we don't need your interference – we choose what's best for India, not for you.


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