Indian PM Modi to embark upon crucial EU trip amidst Russia-Ukraine war | WION

Indian PM Narendra Modi is all set to embark on a 3-day trip to Europe where he will visit 3 European Nations- Germany, Denmark and France. This will mark Indian PM’s first abroad trip in 2022.

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Comment (40)

  1. The world must stop fooling Xelensky resulting in death of thousands of Ukrainians UK US supply weapons and hide behind to see the war and casualties continue. Work towards immediate peace. Poor lives are lost for the egos of hiding powers.

  2. Last week EU chief visited India. Now Indian PM gets invited to EU. What's the agenda? EU = Here's some lollipops 🍭 🍭, but we want this in return from you. Probably not going to happen.

  3. India still not condemning what Russia is doing. Murder, rape, looting, wanton destruction., genocide Shameful. India will live with this shame for many years to come.

  4. I just hope European countries don't show hypocrisy and double standards in front of india again. If they dare to lecture India again, then india give them a real spanking once again in their own home.. Just like how FM Jaishankar spanked hypocrite US standing in US. 🇮🇳 💪 Jai hind

  5. PM modi is enjoying his power .. he is mostly visit abroad .. world tour will be completed soon😂

  6. Westerners want to monopolize the world to reinstall their colonisation, their slavery, make others their pets animals for life…india must joined iran, china, russia to end the western monopole, those who had stole the whole world, made slave….to prevent their decendants to live as western slaves….

  7. 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐

  8. i think that india will become new china regardless of if it becomes a close ally of the west or remains neutral.

  9. i believe that india will become new china regardless of if it becomes a very close ally of the west of if it remains neutral. who else can replace china? china cannot back off from its investments in other countries now and is therefore a threat to the us and its co-workers, i.e. other countries. nixon himself said that the us developed the relation to china when it stopped influencing other countries, i.e. when deng xiaoping deliberatelly refused to turn china into a superpower.

  10. This is really great for India , i hope he visit US too and i hope India become another china. Only problem is that china's society is not as divided as India's . Need to clean the house and unite no matter how big the difference are. "United we stand" . Namasta.

  11. What nonsense and lies! India refused to support the West and refuses $. Because it develops economic ties with Russia and China, it is profitable! But Europe is already catastrophically falling down, towards the collapse of the European Union. America is rushing towards the Great Depression and dreams of robbing the whole World again! She just won't be able to do anything!

  12. Whenever PM was on a trip, there had been riots erupting in some part of the country, especially New Delhi.

  13. He will talk to wrong people.
    Those 3 presidents are just puppets of international Zionist cartel and do as they are ordered.

  14. PM Modi needs to decide if India is going to support free Countries against the tyrannical war criminal Russia. Saying you support peace and then making oil deals with Russia isn't supporting peace. India needs to quit being selfish and support the free Countries battle against far right fascism.

  15. Enjoying tour again pm never seen press waiting for fuel 200 and gas 2000 rs ramarajiyam very good 👍

  16. India has an incredible opportunity to become a world leader in renewable energy manufacturing and generation.

    As a bonus, you don't need to build out such massive infrastructures when you both generate and store energy locally.

    Plants could be built from scratch to generate their own energy for manufacturing purposes too. Modern solar panels generate a lot of wattage per square meter, over 200 watts.

  17. Solar Panel+Battery+Heat Pump = Indians deserves the Beautiful Sin of indoor cooling. 😉

  18. Not a good idea to visit European countries.. beware of radiation poisoning….Putin has cancer….

  19. I believe he should also visit Amsterdam in Holland I believe he would be greatly enlightened

  20. first of all tell him to visit the rural area's of Tamil nadu' tribel communities in Kerala .and the women who sells their body fo a surviving in Delhi. the children's who are living in the slums in Mumbai # Sad reality of my nation


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