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Indian External Affairs Minister Jaishankar is attending 18th Bimstec meeting. India & Sri Lanka have signed a host of agreements, including hybrid power projects.

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Comment (25)

  1. Indian neighboring countries should learn from the past that CHINA IS NOT A HELPING HAND BUT A CHEATER WHO Believes in expansion

  2. Srilanka downfall is foregone conclusion as soon as Srilankan murderer Pakistan PM beggar Imran was invited to Srilanka as guest. Srilanka being ruled by Buddhist monks from behind and dictating the corrupt politicians means srilanka is going to be darkness for ever.

  3. Sri Lanka is behaving very Badly
    when they are in problem they need India & when all is well they partner with China Srilankan people need to understand who is their friends otherwise they will suffer hell

  4. The only country that not wish the Ukraine war to stop is Evil US !! The world knows what the Evil US want !! really it should go to HELL !!

  5. First india should strictly say to colombo dont play between us and china. if you want help build trust and immediately vacate all the chinese projects and holdings there in your nation.

  6. Being from odisha(ancient kalinga) 🇮🇳 my heart goes out for people of Sri Lanka. You will overcome this soon.

  7. First they sell themselves to the chinese then they ask us to save them. Still they won't give rights and not treat Tamilians equally.

  8. India is not like China…plz understand the China's double face….plz don't repeat the same mistakes dears .GOD BLESS U SRILANKANS ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. rajapakshas are culprits they have billions of black money of people which they use to play the fool.. even april bombing was planned by them to fool people and get votes in election..

  10. The Rajapaksha brothers put their trust in China and allowed the Chinese to build unnecessarily wasting millions and billions just so the Chinese can help them defeat the Tamil Tigers… Well seems like they deserve this…. By the way the amount of sun light reaches the equatorial regions, Sri Lankans should have invested heavily on solar panels instead of burning fuels to generate electricity… Wish you good luck… hope you survive this…


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