Infancy of Jesus Christ (Yahusha HaMashiach) Healing & Casting out devils from the Cradle

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  1. YAHU WATCHMANπŸ€” yah DEBORAH,.πŸ€”πŸœοΈβ° what do you think of Ahab AND jezebelπŸ€”πŸ‘“ They were Truly EVIL and Wicked RITE.πŸ‘‚. Shela .πŸ€”. YAH Glory Hall-El-U-YAH RUHACH HA KODESH ELOHIM ABBA father and son YAHSHUA AMIN and AMIN YHWH YAH-WEY.β°πŸ‘“πŸœοΈπŸŒ΅ Elijah and Elisha iii

  2. There were some brothers that said Yahushas mother was not a virgin to my surprise I would not even contemplate such blasphemy of which they are surely will pay for they don't even believe in visions and dreams. It was beautiful to hear shalom.

  3. I love Yahushua Hamashiach thanks guys for reveling this truth to the body of Yahushua more blessings to you HalleluYah πŸ™Œ πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ πŸ™Œ I love you guys

  4. T.B Joshua in The Synagogue of All Nations. Do you know anything about this Cchristian ministry?

  5. At 34:21 I began to shiver and The Most High told me to pray over cloth (pillow case or something) and pin it inside the clothes of my autistic son. I'll let you know if The Most High was really talking to me or if I was wishful thinking, but I believe it was The Most High.

  6. HalleuYah!!! Your ministry has truly been a blessing to me. I remember almost a year ago. Someone mentioned some of the truth to me and Yah led me right to your ministry. My relationship with the Elohim has grown incredibly. It's still a battle keeping the old man dead, but you all blessed me in the last lesson on the Shabbat with the battle within. I love you. I hope that Yahuah continues blessing you and your family. I feel the ruach moving in you all and pray to ABBA that my inner man continues to get stronger and to bring my flesh into captivity. I mean locking him up and throwing the key away so the power of the Elohim can completely manifest inside for all to see. All in the Ha Mesciach's name and Abba's glory HallueYah. Sholam family. The truth is so comforting to me and I seek it daily all throughout the day.

  7. This is so awesome!! This is great I really loved this and I want to study these books especially when Ya was just a baby. I just learn more I want to learn more Yah about all that you are!!!

  8. that baby was none other than jesus Christ he belongs to the europeans he fool the ppl for a very long time now he is gonna pay for what he has done shalom sister and brother yah

  9. I want you both to know i really appreciate the work you do bringing the word of truth to light for Yahs people this is why i watch daily and i tell you i can feel ever word deep in my soul so for this my sister and brother please, please don't stop the work of Yah. Shalom My Family

  10. That has got to be the best example of either meditating on the words of Yah or the benefits of meditating on Yah's word that I have ever heard. Anyone who sees this comment should check out the spot at 1:14:131:16:03 What a perfect mental image! Also from 1:06:551:10:28

  11. Shalom! I've seen a few books titled "the infancy of jesus christ"
    To make sure I order the correct one, who's the author?

  12. Greater is He that is in us than he who is the world. We really don't realise or appreciate the power of Yah in us. Yahushua said we would do greater things than He did. This power Yah has given us is what the colonisers fear. Hence they gave us religion and spoon fed us lies.

  13. in the Bible was Jesus Christ born on the 25th of December. as reading the Bible, Jesus Christ was born on the month's of the lamb are only born in. that is why Jesus is called the Lamb of God the Father. Amen!!!


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