Inflation hits record levels in Sri Lanka, call for Gotabaya brothers resignation grows louder| WION

Sri Lanka is witnessing its worst financial crisis since its Independence way back in 1948. In the latest, the Sri Lankan cabinet has approved the proposal for the 21st constitutional amendment which will be based on the positive features from the previous two.

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Comment (48)

  1. Unconfirmed reports say Chinese embassy is sieged nd staffers held hostage by Sri Lanka citizens….

  2. They are grabbing onto power with all their might…pretending not to hear the people, suppressing them and keeping people in long lines for food, gas, fuel
    And overnight the price of soap went 5 times higher than normal, a gas cylinder went up 3 times over….
    every night when you go to sleep and wake up everything is at least 5 times expensive than previous night.
    People just hate them and want them to leave but they won't.
    Such a sad situation.

  3. දැන් නම් මයිනා ඉක්මනින්ම යයි වගේ 😁😁 පරයා මැරෙන දවස සමරන්න ඕනි

  4. These corrupt Rajapaksas and their cronies should be punished for all their wrongdoings including money laundering and investing (over one billion U.S. worth ) in foreign countries such as Dubai, U.K, Uganda, etc., and be legally dealt with as per the laws of the country.

  5. Thief thief Gota thief. ……… .the family of thieves…. Rajapakshas ………yep yep horray.. Common Sri Lankans.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  6. Now Rajapaksha bothers wants to form a ORGY government …….what a Joke? Next they want to form a swingers club for government officials. May be they have it already…..China must have provided them.


  8. Me para kathanayakayata gahanna one ellala, paraya anduwema paththa thamai hamadama gaththe parliament ekedi.

  9. Its the curse that follows after taking foolish decisions by Srilankans,, in promoting nepotism.., electing,, corrupt leaders

  10. Mugey muhuna balannako, mini maruwek wagey. Denwath tho palayan. The first time in history a President and Prime minister getting scolded with filthy language, I think both don't understand the official language of sri lanka , maybe we have to shout in chinese language or Ugandan language.

  11. I can remember from my small age there were salt corporation, cement corporation, sugar corporation to name few, what happen to those factories? Instead they heavily brought down so many things from foreign countries and the importers made money and commissions and they became billionaires and they never allowed a middle class person to make and operate or produce sooooooo many things in our country and there are more and brighter talented person to start their own business and they never allowed. Take for an example the country Maldives, what they have ,? They have beautiful sea with many resorts in every island which is clear blue, and their main income is Fish, they catch fish with lime and they export the yellow fin Tuna to all over the European countries and their other income is Tourists they visit this beautiful country. I know about Maldives because as a sri lankan I know these are their source of income and they have plenty of dollars rather than Us. They import each and every items from neighbouring countries from food items to clothes , the country Maldives is that they have only islands all over but they dont have mountains, or lakes , trains, or tea estates and so on. The Maldivian can help sri Lankan government but they wont why? During pandemic situation many Maldivians force to leave their countries as the government of sri lanka made a rule to quarantine for two weeks in a hotel when Maldivians come to sri lanka for their vacation or some stay for couple of months as their children were studying in sri lanka. So they come by families and they do bring dollars to our country those days. And they returned back to their country. Because the sri lankan government never helped Maldivians at that time . It's a true fact I bring this matter. There are more to say but now our country should stop importing luxury items for the time being and focus on producing Sri lankan products in future.

  12. The people's demand is for both Gotabhaya and Mahinda to resign and other corrupt rajapaksa family members to get off politics. This no-confidence motion is to keep the president with his sweeping powers for his corrupt henchmen's own safe existence. Gammanpila is presently charged with embezzling millions from an Australian citizen by forging signatures

  13. පල පල නාකි හොරා කාලකන්නියා රට හොරා කෑවා

  14. Rajapakshas are thiefers…..this family is lost our srilanka…please go all of you and give our money..we have not food ..our babies are hungry

  15. One way the other Rajapaksha greedy clan has to go, else people will protest until they step down. Disgusting! Rajapaska family always want to get commission from everything.

  16. 🇮🇳 has her own problems. 🇮🇳 is going to separate in punjab, Assam, Kasmir, TAMILNADU, Kerala muslim region and more. Incredible 🇮🇳 is going to divide to pieces. 😁😆😃😉

  17. In a month or two it’s gonna be the end of Rajapakshas era ❤️Damn waited my whole life for this ❤️😍 my coutry wil glow again ❤️

  18. Not only Rajapaksha and His family, the majority of the parliament representatives should resign. That what the people need.


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