Inflation hits UK economy, energy and food prices rise in UK | International News | WION

The cost of living in the UK has gone up owing to the hike in fuel and food prices. According to research conducted by the office for national statistics, nine out of ten citizens have faced an uptick in their cost of living.

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Comment (29)

  1. Education governor Yellow bmc office educatioan newa business small requieast to massanger India nation Educatioan Method advnatge educatioan like teasport like from panjab state , south educatioan tec educatioan news business small requieast to massanger and Yellow bmc office educatioan newa business small requieast to massanger

  2. India should demand compensation from these NATO countries and the west for inflation as their actions are worsening it's effects worldwide.
    For profits of a few whole world is suffering.

  3. Much too little, but the English really have no economy and no raw materials! What will break their necks is; that they still think they are a superpower and still think they can dictate the world!🤮🤮

  4. Baffles the world that UK and USA can't care for.their own people but can spend billions on other Zelensky and his Nazi friends. What a pity. USA and UK citizens will revolt soon.

  5. Most of these people voted for globalists. Globalists who want to cause inflation so they can “bail you out” need people to suffer so they’ll be dependent. If you’ve been voting for certain social issues that are woke, a globalist agenda was attached to your activism. Most of what is happening conspiracy theorists warned of a year ago and were called stupid. Read the Great Reset by Klaus Schuab, and applaud yourselves for being emotionally manipulated and voting for representation when you should have been voting to do away with globalists for good.

  6. UK will be a third world country soon This country dosent have any natural resources What it has is looted wealth from colonial countries They will be beggars soon

  7. Meanwhile many HKers are rushing to spend their hard earned money migrating to the UK…. You know what? The visa cost is GBP1000 per person, according to the UK immigration data, there are over 100K of HKers have arrived in UK, so how much is the total fee of visa? The UK is smart.

  8. Doesn’t sanctions eventually cause inflation in time for each country? Depends how willing are the populations to handle the pressures of inflation. Nobody should desire war.

  9. It's another time to set a goal for the year, one need to set goals and take bold steps in achieving them. Remember success is not obtained overnight, you have to stop procrastinating and try what you have always wanted to improve in you're life and well being. Investment will take you closer to your dreams.

  10. European countries must stop imports of oil and gas from Rus..and send more weapons to Ukraine, hope that way economy will be better

  11. as an independent from gas and oil producing country, it is time for us profiting from your war…slava gas and oil prices…go higher!!!

  12. I would be interested to know if the prices of fuel and food in India and Asia are rising in the same way or if it is just a made inflation of the government and industry in the context of the Ukraine war in Europe.

  13. If you have hit with a pandemic, you have leaders who are Hypocrites, you have policies that became fraud and you are concerned about war than peace and fueling the war in other countries than looking for your own people then inflation is inevitable.

  14. Well… The India is in a better position in this section… They're way ahead most of other countries with a super inflated economy… 😌

  15. I think now people will learn how to budget , forget uber burger deliveries, and all the other extravagences.price rises no big deal

  16. Boris and Sunak should know that we all are facing a double whammy hit due to Brexit first and then Warin Ukraine as cost of living is spiralling out of control as never before!! Boris and his corrupt cabinet members shouldn’t brag about Brexit any longer!!Its started biting hard now! EU too now sidelined Britain well and truly and Boris is globetrotting looking for trading partners to achieve what? He simply cannot find any solutions to resolve his domestic issues! Utter incompetent governing party all they know to raid the treasury and write off billions if taxpayers money!!! This is what they good at! Don’t deserve my VOTE!!

  17. Dude people are more scared of what they say about the west than what they say about Russia and China.
    Free Speech is free as long as you speak Rubbish.
    When you speak the Truth ,
    That's when they come after you.

    That's how we all have been living under the blanket of lies since the day they Mass Genocide ( women children elderly) on Hiroshima and Nagasaki .

    And yet they glorify it as Victory.

    They should be ashamed.

  18. Wonder when the people realize there gouvernments are controlled by Wef to destroy there own economies,.there responsible for the war in Ukraine, but since there all bankrupt, need an excuse so there blaming Russia for there evil doings!! Wake up!!


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