Welcome to Project Remedium! Project Remedium gameplay features story-driven action set inside a human body devastated by illness and bad circumstances. It’s a post-apocalypse of sorts, a really tiny one, but for a nanobot named Nano+, the body is a whole world.
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Project Remedium Game Overview:
Project Remedium is a story-driven action game set inside a human body devastated by illness and bad circumstances. It’s a post-apocalypse of sorts, a really tiny one, but for a nanobot named Nano+, the body is a whole world.

In this first game by Atomic Jelly, a nanobot journeys through a human organism to revert the effects of strange illness and a set of unfortunate events that occurred.

Armed with once purely medical equipment that now became a duo of adaptive items – the Energy Cannon and the Remedium Sprayer – and able to travel in a fast and agile way with help of an invaluable grapnel, Nano+ can fight pathogens, mutated organisms and deranged nanobots, heal, help his allies and interact with a unique environment.

Nano+ is not alone in hist struggles: the veteran nanobot SuperVisette will guide him through the journey and the last sane nanobots struggling to maintain health and order will also help however they can.

upgradeable items for damage dealing and accelerated healing
versatile grapnel for climbing and quick getaways
substance crafting for improving both treatment methods and feats of Nano+
interactive environment with infected tissue and ailments
a story to discover and friendly nanobots to provide aid
various missions related with healing and helping fellow bots
bloodstream and 6 organs to heal


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  1. Thanks for playing our game 🙂 Hope you liked it.
    Using the basic modes of both weapons only is pretty hardcore, but can make many fights tedious. Make sure to pick the upgrades dropped by Lootfiends and Swagobblers and use them to unlock new weapon modes (each gun has 4 modes) and upgrade them later (weapon unlock/upgrade menu is under the K key by default). You can later select the gun modes with Weapon Wheel (Middle Mouse Button by default).

  2. well this is an interesting twist given finally a game that is Fantastic Voyage like without just going to the brain all the time, though as mentioned before also reminds me of Inner Space as well. Will point out though that given you were in the liver most likely all the white things were glucose (at least the white cubes had to be such) given that is only one main function of the liver. Also rather ironic there is a mining town setup in the liver, given its supposed to be a giant chemical factory usually helping with digestion and basically keeping your metabolism in check. I look forward to seeing more of this series if you plan on doing more.


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