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  1. In the series “Childhood End” the two children that escorted the beast to be introduced to the world was a black girl and a white boy. I noticed that when they introduced that statue in this video a few years ago, the comparison in the 2 images, very strange!

  2. All Truth Matters 🔥🎶👏🏾👏🏾 well put together discussion TCA 🤴🏾👸🏾 Thus, this comment is for the parent(s) that are raising persay multi-ethnic children. Please teach and guide them with Truth. I am one myself. I was very fortunate especially later on when my parents separated because they both kept it one hundred 💯 with me when I was out of bounce. Later on my single parent who had primary guardianship over me was remarried and that relationship didn't last thus younger two siblings different ethnicities who were taught to honor, respect, and love your father's seed, grow your nation 🌱 . And, most importantly lead in the Spirit 💨

  3. You can't choose how you come into the world (parental activity) but you can put ignorance to bed.

    Judah | Ezra
    Different outcomes stressful yet conscience clean.

  4. Hello Shalawam TCA & Mrs.TCA and family, well for starters I ain't no ite! Not related to Kanaan/Canaan and none of his 11 sons nor his sons sons etcetera etcetera. The irony is the sos/sots are actually Canaanites also, a blend of Hittite, & Sinnite, because they went far north and east. You can also include Amorites and Jebusites to the mix as well who enter Europe west and north by way of ships and mixed with Japheth's progeny there. Of course before they did that, they were already mixed with other DNA before they even left Canaanite territory. Especially the Amorites, and brother Jebusite because there were more than quite a few giants among their rank and population. Yes the sos are still very much Ashkenazi, Japhethic peoples who mixed with Canaanites in Ashkenazi land and territory.
    This happened when Joshua and Caleb kicked alot of Canaanites Out of the land, area, and territory when the Israelites arrived, came into their own supplanted land. Boom were here now! Alot of the sos folk have Hittite Canaanite Hamite aquiline nose profiles. Another factor many miss about the Canaanites is they were not dark skin like their brothers Cush, Mizraim, Phut, and father Cham. Many were light, pale and melanin deficient like people with albinism. Plus those of them who were not light and pale were struck with leprosy from The Most High.
    That truth was laid out in scripture of course, you have to search, read and find that nugget in Scripture. That son of Kham was different from Khams other sons yet that point gets overlooked by many.

  5. I will say HalleluYah all glory to the most high for this teaching, I thank Abba Yah who guard me through all these and I’m glad to see my children looks like me

  6. Agree Interracial is one of the most deadliest SINs our people keep committed in our community for hundreads and even thousands of years, maybe longer. and our people need to learn how to STOP this.

  7. The black boy and white girl represent duality bringing together the opposites ie good is bad, bad is good etc black and white like the Masonic checker board thy sorta thing

  8. Praise Abba… for spiritually His inspiration my brother! Martin saw 👀 that this agenda of integration was a burning 🔥 😳 house 🏠 that he had unknowingly brought Black people's into… then the u.s. government murdered him as he shared that Revelation!💯

  9. Sitting here watching this with the children. We are 22 minutes in and there are 😮alot of big words and images but they need to know.

    min 29: when I think of what queen Nzinga fought for and now who her great great great… grandchildren are. You literally lose yourself.

  10. The bible does refer to the woman having a seed as well. But on a Higher note any ISRAELITE Man or woman marries outside the nation – Creates – MAMZERS otherwise known as bastards. Defintion of a Mamzer , born of a israelite father and a heathen mother — bastard. It was rare for women back then to marry out but the same still applies. That is the problem with the men of israel lusting after other nations that had to be checked by Nehemiah and Ezra when they had to leave them behind. TMH does NOT want his people marrying outside of their race. Blood is sacred to TMH. Also Deut. 23:20 they cant enter in to the assembly. Now Yes they can marry back in to create a pure child as it is outline in Deut. 23:20. Also the movie Rabid Fence something like that by the 3rd generation if they marry out again – THEY ARE NO LONGER US. If they marry back in that child produce is US

  11. So I am curious as a Caucasian even though I don't use that term any longer since I am spiritually grafted into Israel, what cultures are we allowed to mix in that is not blasphemed by YAHWEH??

  12. I don't know why but this video keeps buffering while other videos play just fine. I have to be skipping through sections for it to continue playing. Strange…very strange.

  13. My exwife is Mexican. We got married after she spent 2 years stalking me online. Her mom and sister couldn’t stand me from the beginning and eventually started conflict between within the very first year. Me learning more about scripture and who I was just made it worse. I was very conflicted because I realized I was in a very bad spot. I kept thinking about “God hates divorce” so was stuck. Even after she abandoned me by moving away then committed adultery, I was still trying to work it out. It wasn’t until I read through Ezra 10 that I got peace in filing for divorce. I do not recommend any other brother choosing that path. I lost everything and nearly even my own life. Never again. 🤨

  14. Shalom, you are on point with this video. It's too bad about the buffering, but I still kept watching til the end. Keep doing what you do, you make me want to show your videos to my students. Unfortunately, they don't want the truth in schools. Like you say, our enemies come up with our curriculum. It's very a sad sight to see at the high school I'm at.


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