Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. So the stranger who becomes Israel thru repentance is to be accepted妃inus the mental health of our people宇he melanated Israelite who truly luvs the non Israelite is not penalized there Israel by blood or Spirit led圩ully agree with those slave minded tendencies that has engulfed our peoples lives宇he Hebrew in ancient times married outside of their heritage宇here still doing it now there is grace snd not the euro do as u will salvation the heart can only be judged by the most high in all marriages or relationships吃rs our hope is to rebuild our nation with our people no doubt安e hear this teaching brother!!!

  2. Guys, it is true that Israelites should not marry outside their royal ethnicity but now everything is mixed. Who is really Israelite? Who is a true believer and child of The Most High? Explain why he blessed those not Israelite in the Holy Word and even favored them to marry an Israelite. Father has favoritism but he is not racist nor sexist. Are you sure you are an Israelite with all the mixing of the slaves and other ethnicities that has happened? Do not marry a pagan believer, be evenly yolked; be careful of satan's believers and followers that you should not marry them, got it. How are you able to tell who is Israelite and who is not? Honestly. Skin tone and place of birth is not good enough in today's times.

  3. I see three men that is infatuated and lost in the idea that white woman will now accepted into theirs nation when that's not even the case I believe that they go along with what they see everybody else do is the Stars the TV shows the commercials on TV every time you turn around you don't see a white couple anymore. to me they look weird black and white couples strange with something to look at like I'll look at them and like yo what do they talk about on a black person get killed by a white person is a quiet in the house or I'mma leave it as unknown cuz I don't know we are loss they portray happiness when it's just plain misery

  4. I'm afraid to be with a white man because I don't know anything about the white man that his culture what he wants what he likes then I got to worry about his family members decimals I said he was going to send these people the words of the words against us I'm just scared of the unknown

  5. Im sick and tired of seeing black men looking to other nations to have children. Thank to the most high when I look at my children and my grandchildren I see me and my people

  6. Getting rid of the nuclear family, which is a man, woman and 2&1/2half kids, is the marxist way of destroying a nation!
    I remember, in my youth, where families and man-made"religions", taught to marry within ones race, creed and color, was thought of as scriptural and part of Gods law!
    But the 20th century started to turn away from His law by interchanging it with man's opinions, thinking and new age beliefs, to where we've come to of late, and that is, that everything's racist!
    I believe in the commandments, laws, statutes, precepts, judgements, etc. of our Fathers Word, not man's, and my work is to differentiate between the two, find what is true and hold onto it and to live his Word by doing his Will.
    The Hebrew were our Fathers chosen people, of that I'm sure, but the rest of us were to be gathered in to that fold, regardless of what race, creed or color any of us might be. Let's not forget that most basic truth.

  7. Any form of media will present white class as dominant regardless of the situation. My heart is breaking over our People laying with oppression. I have had to see this among my own cdult(not adult) children, all praises no procreation, even tho those relationships ended. Our People need to be married THEN fruitful and multiply with our nationality. TMH did not make a mistake when He made the nations different for His own pleasure. We should not be giving away seed/receiving seed from oppressors. 'They' have only begun to accept this, and are showing it in ads/media even those sexually confused, due to 'their' low birthrates worldwide. As they seek to destroy us they are declining and desire to become us. Do they desire to be Zion? Think about that…and this- wheat and tares(the enemy did sneak into the field and 'PLANT' seed while the Master was away).Endure my Brews


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