Interview with The Founders of Ahayah Academy in Georgia – Facility & Homeschool Options

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  1. HalleluYAH ALL PRAISES TO YAHUSHA…thanks sister DeborahYah Iโ€™ve been waiting for this moment to homeschool halleluYAH!

  2. Shalom, Wonderful thing to do, our young people really need a safe place to learn the Will of the Most High. Halaluyah! Thank you for being there, for them!

  3. Warms my heart to see our family striving to be more of YAH, and we need more of these schools that's owned and operated by Israelites.
    I'm proud of you all family… All YAH blessings and protection to all the home schooled kids and parents, *BEAUTIFUL*
    shalom family and friends

  4. First I want to say God bless you both! I love you guys!!! Can you please explain what will happen to all the homeless people if this pre-trial rapture happens? And what about the Hopi people? They were very spiritual people!!!

  5. Shalom family, this is so wonderful and a dream come true. Please, I would like to be hired as one of Yahโ€™s children, teaching our children WHO WE ARE, WHY WE ARE IN THE SITUATION WE ARE TODAY, WHAT THE MOST HIGH EXPECTS FROM US TO GET US TO OUR RIGHTFUL POSITION. I am willing and it will be a joy to instruct our children.

  6. About gentiles coming to this school, I think itโ€™s too early. Charity begins at home. So I think itโ€™s good to get our children right first. Thereโ€™s an Igbo proverb that says, โ€œA person or a nation surrounded by enemies is always on watch for his life.โ€ Letโ€™s not forget about Black Wall Street. So, my earnest advise to Ahayah Academy is to forget the Gentiles – for now. The so-called jews schools here are just for their children. Letโ€™s get wise and when we get it right, our light will then shine on Gentiles and they will join us. Shalom!

  7. Perfect and just in time, looking for a school for my toddler all praises to the Most High Ahayah!!! Love you all thawadah!

  8. ALL praise honour and glory to the most high for this blessing called "AHAYAH'S ACADEMY" it is so so so needed in Georgia I pray there will be one in London U.K one day if it be the most highs will. Thawadah for this family. Shalam and love.

  9. When you see some children acting out. They could have a bad home life, being physically and/or sexually abused, no guidance, etc. It's easy to label some of these children as bad, unruly. Yet, if we actually take the time to find out what's wrong. We could possibly help their situation. To be honest from what I see. People really don't care about the children. People talk a good game but fall short. These children are not just acting out. There's medical reasons, chemical imbalances, bad food, bad water, environment, low self esteem, etc.

  10. This is awesome!!!!!!!! There is another Israel School that started several years ago 2016 with a daycare, preschool and performing arts center and 2019 started private school and home school K – 12 in Clayton County grand opening this fall another option. Total capacity is almost 200 students with a wide range of options and do not practice any pagan holidays and teaching students about who they are. You all should reach out to the Yahshua School to interview also. The Director been in education and fine arts for 30 years. I am going to email you all out of respect for the present school interview. Shalom….this is the beginning.


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