Is 2020 the year of the transhuman?

This video is about the current state of transhumanism. Gartner declared the transhuman era officially began in 2018 and this is where we are at 2 years on in 2020. We talk about drugs and therapies to end death, parabiosis, gene editing, senolytics, NMN, brain implants, 3D organ printing, and bionics. Science and these technologies will help us achieve our transhumanism, posthumanism, cyborg future.

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I’m Alyse Sue and this is the Transhumanism Tech channel.

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Comment (11)

  1. Great video Alyse. Saw your channel from a retweet on Twitter by Bryan @bryanstewart108 I haven't run across much content with transhumanism content so happy that I found your channel. Do you listen to Lex Fridman Podcast? Good stuff there.

    Also I am interested in the adoption of transhuman technologies from different perspectives dealing with Spirituality, sociology, psychology, & economy.

    Personally, I am one of very small minority of deep spiritual types that believe in transhumanistic tech. Excited to see what kind of content you will be publishing.

  2. Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) possibly better than NMN. Although I take a mix of both.

    Wonder what the views on Transhumanism / aging research are in China.

    (I have no expectations of Europe)


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