Is California under a C-urse, Reaping what they have sown?

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Comment (39)

  1. the whole world is under so-called "judgment". Babylon is in the mind, to escape hell or what have you is to raise your consciousness high enough so that you don't have to repeat this cycle on earth. Because hell is here on earth as well as heaven, and it is going to get a whole lot worse on this planet. PEACE 777//888.

  2. Some people just dont want to believe. Racism is real in California I stay there with my sister it bad. I had to deal with a lot of it. I don't like cali, and where are the damn straights at. Looks like all i see is gay!! No i don't want to be around it like that. Yes gay is all over but i show don't see when i walk out my front door every day. Im not sitting down heehee haahaa with no man with a dress on and more makeup on his face then mines . 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  3. I was look at a documentary of the Rothschild Dynasty.. And seen that one of their headquarters are in California. They have one on each continent and California is the place for America 🧐.. Maybe this is why… Because from the looks of it they are Satan right hand men..

  4. Wow….everytime that I hear the word racist the funny thing is that I don't think about whites hating blacks, it is the other way around. Thank most of you for validating my thoughts

  5. Do you remember the great dust bowl we had that was in the 1930s was that also cursed The great earthquake in Alaska Hurricane Katrina most of the people there were black Were they also cursed

  6. No curse California was sold to China under Obama trump went in a traff war so China want it's land now… up time so they r 🔥 out over run with illegals on purpose n shit everywhere and people r moving n not coming back boom China got their land no war👍👍👍👍it's called a 🔥 out

  7. Yes there's a curse looking back on the wrongs they had done separate Mexico indigenous people natavie people of this Land when you people who did wrong because of greed moan over your material lost look back in your history

  8. Oh yea strategic relocation by Joel Skousen he was on Alex Jones show promoting that book a few years back.

  9. Watchman you are sooooooo right! I have made moves without TMH and had the hardest times. I'm learning to include him in all that I want to do!

  10. This dude talking is a pussy. Imagine him in the rapture I can see his ass runnin for the hills or even panicked and scared shit to move waiting for someone to tell him where to go.
    If he was a real man of god he would sacrifice and pull out his balls and go to California if that’s what he is told. A real follower of the messiah is going to put his life for the others. And last time I checked the lord is looking for his soldiers to do his work.

  11. I do the same thing Watchman! and consider Yah my friend. I'm not talking to myself, I'm talking to TMH all through the day. Yes, I have received many confirmations from TMH. You know it's from him without doubt, he makes it clear.

  12. the tsunami that hit about 11yrs ago was suppose to had ambushed Japan, but it did a roundabout and hit other countries. Japan will not escape the next tsunami. California and Jason are under watch.

  13. I really enjoyed listening to the Elder he really knows how to put a smile on your face!! All Praises TMH YAH

    Shalawam Yisrael… ✊🏽

  14. Yes, YAH will prevent you from entering into the enemy's camp, and will send HIS messengers to warn you. I know that you are speaking the TRUTH because HE has prevented me in certain neighborhoods, prevented me from taking a flight into two different countries this is how you know that you know YAH never leaves nor forsakes, had I taken those flights I would be dead now, however, YAH will keep you from all hurt and danger just as Psalm 91 reveals. SHALOM

  15. Big Judah, has so much knowledge of how they burned up the original people, feed them to dogs, ran them off there land etc, he has all the information from hidden books. SHALOM

  16. If you see people you don’t know and you just walk up on them and just shoot them man that’s the Devil.

  17. The whether here is really weird California never used to get tornadoes now we do this just in times. Or the halftime show last year for Super Bowl they had Maroon 5 and Maroon 5 lead singer took off his shirt enduring when he took off his shirt the whole screen lit up fire and he had a tattoo to California at the time California was on fire I don't know but something's going on with California

  18. Watchmen there they might be under a curse because there is a secret society group but everybody can look into it is called Bohemian Grove is in California and only the rich famous people go there and they do I do not know whatsoever stuff but they ran around the forest doing stuff

  19. I forgot to Watchmen the Bohemian Grove is Molech worship they worship moloch in have fake baby sacrifices in front of a big giant owl

  20. Yes I do believe that California is under a curse and I am praying for our Brothers and sisters who serve Father Yah for protection in Yahusa Name Amen.

  21. America is out of control and all these killings he's pedophile rings drugs promiscuous people adultery is just just crazy

  22. California is fills so much wickedness. California passed laws on everything which has against the word of YAHUAH. YAHUAH's judgment against California. He protects His elect who walk in His truth📖🙏🏾👑

  23. Amen YAHUA is my friend I am always talking to HIM all day in my mind and sometimes answer HIM out load if people ask me who I am talking to I say YAHUA . If they no you are talking to YAHUA that is a testimony for HIM


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