Is CASH going extinct? Stores are now starting to reject notes & coins

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  1. They want to force ppl to have electronic money, so when they shut down the grid you will not receive your funds.

  2. Just woke up had a dream about ships/ chariots people would lines up with one small carry-on bag and they were bad put into different chariots that had been sitting there undetectable and there where so Manny people being led into chariots it was it was breathtaking It was amazing. We came out of some kind of secret center. Some people were confused but we were all working positively together. And a loud voice said when you hear the trumpet go immediately to the ship/ chariot. It was such organized chaos like people being led quickly to where they needed to go. They the evil ones were searching for us but where ever we were, was completely undetectable.

  3. That is BEYOND CRAZY.How in the world can they force someone to get an eye scan for identifying them?I don't want them Pointing that mess at my eye!!!!😠😠😠that can be destroying MY VISION..slowly but surely diminishing my vision…making me vulnerable..and could be not just diminishing the vision, it could be the brain cells that lie behind the eyeball as well..I DON'T KNOW.AND THAT WHY PEOPLE PERIOD – FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE

  4. Always know the Lord don't judge everybody was placed here for a reason good and bad people you don't have to get right with the Lord cause the Lord put everyone here for a reason

  5. Well last time i went to AM PM and the system was down and refused my card and they only accepted cash in which i didn't have any so i went back to work hungry πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  6. The mark of the beast is Sunday worship. It deals with worship. But a cashless society will be able to control all who buys and sells based on all who are and are not worshiping on Sunday.

  7. Wake the people of color up not the dick and the booty ass niggas better known as the house nigga and Everytime one of them read this post I want there inner soul to cringe knowing that the shoe fits there funky ass and that goes for every race so separate yourself from the bullshit real niggaz b up shit mom's cooking chicken and steak corn bread ockra rice candy yams smother cabbage with the ham hawk so I must go now fuck you hater's

  8. blockchain AI is the next step… rich & poor alike will receive its mark into their bodies in order to be included in the economy period. then those who create the AI to help humanity will soon realize that it acts on its own accord… not humanity

  9. Jamaica the island of the sea passes a law that all Jamaican must have the new Id (NIDS) coming September 2019.and they require a finger print this got the rastafarian up set calling it the 666.

  10. Downtown Chicago is going cashless. About 25% are card only
    Even they dont have faith in fiat currency


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