Is Depression a Demon?

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  1. I am with you on not watching certain things, the political and election news just goes on and on with the same nonsense. I need to guard myself from things on YouTube that are trying to use fear like you said to get attention, views….I'm focusing on only things that are about learning about Yah and scripture. What about taking medication for clinical depression, what if someone literally can't function unless they take their medication? If someone had lab/blood tests and his Serotonin level was very low, he does so much better on the anti depressant, but there seems to be such a stigma about mental health, there seems to be neurotransmitters that are not working, I think they need to research nutritional help. Music, the right kind is benefit full, because look how David played the harp for King Saul to ease his mind. Was his demonic or physical? Praise and Worship music is important. I like what your sharing here, I am glad to hear people talking about this. Thank you. By the way, I just subscribed.

  2. depression is an imbalance in the body chemistry. it opens a portal for the demonic I believe.I especially am concerned about post part mothers . Females at this time are open. to suggestion and should not be left alone especially in corrupted circumstances, environment . We aren't as connected as we were once,and some spiritually uncultivated. No respect for the condition
    more of us are from broken homes.Babies are at risk

  3. being around dead people is draining . I lived near a cemetery once. energetically wrecked didn't know sick

  4. We are not under the law anymore. Paul said that whoever practices the law will be judged according the law. if we are under the law then Yeshua's sacrifices in vain. They are scriptures to prove that the law was abolished. including the ones written in stones.

  5. PLEASE STOP THAT RACISM AND HATEVAGAINSTVWHITE PEOPLE. You are no different from the whites ones who hate. the Ruach is not in you if you act like unsaved people. 1Corinthians if you have no love you have nothing. Shalom

  6. hete are some entities one must recon with: anti father anti mother anti son anti holy spirit anti life anti chrisr anti word antities and there is anger antities. surcose is a sugar, true sweet entitie. annihla is a female suicide death entitie. dorms is a sleep entitie male as female. and the dope and tobacco entities depressa is an insaniti entitie these are a few. shalom

  7. Though i watch many vids like this I am so glad i see this video from you. I love you and your family's channel. I have felt like this since i was a little girl and STILL cant shake it. Its annoying and nobody wanna feel this way. Ive made horrible choices and being a single mother the (african american) world make you feel like spit under a shoe


  9. Yes it is. I was depressed and had to fast that spirit off me. I felt an evil presence leave me. People are being deceived!

  10. I disagree my brother strongly! Depression is serious your advice for soft music an taking breaks tell me you are well meant but clueless about depression!!! As one who suffers from it I advise psalms 21. I think music is great but some of us are in spiritual battle for our life's! We wrestle not with flesh and blood but against wickedness and evil and the powers of darkness!!! What do you think that means when God tells us that.We must declare the word of God while wearing the armor this is a battle of strong holds!!! Please advise more Jesus and from the word and less on music. I appreciate what you are trying to do but think you need to take this lil more seriously and do more research in demonic suppression. God bless you

  11. Depression is a by product of demonic activity. You can get sad in different circumstances; but when your sadness becomes unbearable and uncontrollable its highly due to a Demon attempting to maximize on that energy and Keep you down which then cultivates into depression. Sadness is a normal part of life but Depression is not.

  12. Demons use our weaknesses and mistakes in their plan to destroy a human through their speech that often are things from the past. Therefore, depression is demonic because God's word says that we must always be happy. Rejoice always, Paul says. Demons try to stay in negativ thinking.

  13. Your wrong it usually is a demon. It starts with sorrow, fear, sadness, if you dwell on these things that’s a legal rights for the enemy to enter you. Demons are legalistis they must have a legal right to be in your life. I had serve anxiety and depression for 6 years and it’s definitely a demon, actually multiple demons. The only way I could ever lift that spirit from me is to speak against it in the name of Jesus, and to draw near to God. Sadness and sorrow isn’t actually depression it’s a human emotion usually based on life circumstances. Real depression will be there regardless if things in your life are good or not good.


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