Is it a Sin To Dance? Twerking? Break dancing? Ask Watchman

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  1. I Don't think its a sin if you twerk in private with your spouse…I think its more of where, when and how you do it…

  2. David danced.jiggleing the behind to entice or draw attention to yourself and celebrating Yah is not the same thing.

  3. The musics nowadays we are listening are blatantly bring evil and Devils imaginations, thoughts,spirits to your house. Check the lyrics: what you said were never been true but you always win ?? Fire to the rain, watch the video lady gaga in caldron Applause vd. What witches do like.??? I myself has had troubles with witches, dark hands,fingers and tongues,horns, eyes, teeth. Sometimes telling me not to read holly scriptures. That Derived me almost crazy but praying praising YAHAUA is so good meditating in his laws is so so good. It turn somebody almost to fire and swords and shields and many more. Iv since more than a year have stopped watching movies and music videos cause many many reasons that I can't put it all here in words. Shalom to everyone who deserves it. Shalom

  4. all these types of faces are considered satanic righteous individuals should not be engaged in thus sort of entertainment. watch exposed illuminati satanic dances.

  5. What's get me piss is, why christian so concern about not drinking wine when they don't follow nothing the most high say do. Now that's amazing!


  7. Dancing, I have heard, a lot of it is pertaining to invoking demonic spirits. I believe that raising your hands to Yah, and singing his praise, that is Righteous. Take out the mashing body contact and just move to the righteous grooves. Move your feet, legs, arms, but do it without in the name of Yah. Bob your head and sing along. Teach this to your children. I don't let my children listen or dance to today's type of music because of all the demonic subliminals.

  8. Yah declared all foods clean when we also declared gentiles clean for the Ruach. eating pork is not a sin

  9. You wouldn't twerk with Holy music on that give Yah glory. Joyful dancing to show your grateful to Him. Your dancing before Him for Him not impress people or for the flesh

  10. If you could answer me but quick question are you Pentecostal because some of what you said leaned to Pentecostalism I was wondering because I’m Pentecostal

  11. Um yes, twerkings sole purpose is to imitate sex and lust, is why it's up and down. People who twerk do it because it draws sexual attention, yet they get mad if they get sexual harrassed, raped or get negative comments. Twerking is sinful yet Satan will have you believe it isn't with every fiber of your being. When I went to hell in a near death exp, I saw women being totured by having glowing hot Spears stabbed through pelvis and out their chest and when I asked why it was happening to them, I was told because they caused men to lust using dance and saductive, when I asked what kinds of saductive and dance I was told what I know of as twerking, this actually happened


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