Is it possible to become immortal?

Being immortal sounds rewarding, right? What if we told you that it may be possible for humans to achieve immortality in the near future? Regardless of your age, the concept of death is a bummer, and the idea of immortality has always been among humankind’s top priorities; from alchemists trying to find the elixir of life to sultans or kings sending heralds to faraway lands in search of Adam’s wine. We can also see humanity’s longing for immortality in great written pieces. Epics such as Gilgamesh and Odyssey are full of references to this longing, and we also see the promise of an eternal afterlife in religious texts.

As time passed, the accumulation of scientific and medical knowledge led us to accept death as a part of life; however, humans are still seeking an answer to the question of how to live forever. Well, thanks to the recent developments in technology along with medicine, scientists say that it may be possible to achieve immortality and life forever.

It sounds like a science fiction movie scenario, but we might be able to slow down the aging process of cells or upload our consciousness to the cloud in the future. What is more intriguing is that all of this can happen way sooner than you might expect! If you are wondering about just how close we are to immortality and how to live forever, be sure to check our video.

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  1. Yes we will be functionally immortal. Scientific reincarnation will be real. Aging will be gone. We will all regenerate like deadpool. And nanobots will make our body be better.

  2. I love this idea of evolving/ expanding human life span. However, I feel that if one uploads their brain to a hard drive, at that point it is still nothing more than a “robot”, I feel 100% that it would be just data with no spirit or soul.

  3. True immortality is absolutely IMPOSIBBLE..Don't confuse yourself between the concept of eternity and technolongevity…at least the latter can be achieved with the greatest level of technology. You could prolong your existence in this physical realm but anyway at the end, there is no way you could stop the death of our universe. The second law of thermodynamics the second law guarantees us with heat death of the universe..there will be no more usefull energy and remember live need energy. Sure.. such a far-off point in time, billions and billions of years, seems to be practically forever in our imaginations. So, if we could prolong our lives to the death of the universe, for all intents and purposes it would be a practical immortality.

    Or would it?

    Remember the summer vacation. The endless hot days pass in fun and excitement, without a care in the world. Yet the time always draws to a close. Always.

  4. I honestly always believed humans will become immortal once they really master their tehnologies. Age , ageism is discrimination and we should really start imagining a society where we have surpassed the barriers of age , meaning we don't fear of ageing and we are not eliminated by younger ones that easy nor pushed aside. Its interesting as time should be on our side as time itself is only a part of our mind. I believe in the world where many barriers between humans that exist now are swiped away.

  5. its al great and all but even if we invent such things in our life times the problem id find is what if we can break past the limitations of science e.g. breaking past the speed of light/ warp drive so that we can continue to live past our own star system as eventually if we stick around too long we will die because there will be no humans to complete this process.

  6. Uploading my mind into a cloud is the worst case scenario , basically the mind that get uploaded is just a copy of me and the real me is slowly dying , as a person who believe afterlife this terrifies me , biological immortality with virtual reality is the best route for me , sadly the uploading mind is closest route that we can achieve

  7. What happens if you don’t wanna be immortal? You mother,father friends siblings lover and everybody you like and love gone
    It’s physically and mentally not possible I refuse to believe this it could ruin the world in many ways death is a natural thing in the circle of life
    We could die at any moment it could go wrong in any moment if we are immortal we need to die to go into the afterlife and rest the world is hard to live in for immortal making human and technology? This is wrong in so so SO many ways merge your minds with machines?! God gave us a brain for a reason this is just plain stupid your changing our species DIGITAL BRAINS?!? WHY nobody makes it out alive we could die and live forever in the after life in hell or heaven?! DON’T YOU REALIZE HOW DANGEROUS THIS IS?! WHY WHY DO YOU WANNA BECOME IMMORTAL NO NO THIS IS WRONG AND MESSED UP WE SHOULD NOT BE IMMORTAL THE HUMAN BRAIN TURNING INTO A VIRTUAL BRAIN?! WE ALREADY HAVE ENOUGH SCREENS AND IPHONES WHO IN THE RIGHT MIND WOULD THINK THIS IS A GOOD IDEA?!!? THINK ABOUT WHAT I JUST SAID ACCEPT THE CIRCLE OF LIFE This world is filled with geniuses who change the world for the worst

  8. I want to see earth for billion of years just to experience the disaster and see how it ends and if earth ended we could send the virtual server where our brains data in collected to space where it could be indestructible if even earth ends but living in virtual world could break all my dreams to explore the space where we haven't explored 0000000.1% percent also I want unreveal the secrets of space.I wanna die like astronaut be like scientist live immortal


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