Is it right to study the Apocrypha?

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  1. 2nd Esdras chapter 7 end on verse 70, but in one version, I found chapter 7 ending on verse 140, And I found the same in a Catholic Bible !! And in those missing versus explains what happens after death!!! If you haven’t discovered this please look into it!!!

  2. I am a genuine preacher. Ask me anything. This man is a false teacher. I have fully debunked enoch. I wrote a 119 pg book using INSPIRED scripture. No man can stand against it! It is their best case. Both the catholics and ethiopians are apostates. My book will be released for free at the appropriate x and too the right ppl who qualify. For free. This man clearly has a judaism muslim black jews racism dogma. His countenance alone says this. My new video when done will be a-z all you need. Ever. This man is unqualified. The catholics are babylon the great. Sun worshippers. They've murdered millions of ppl. The trinity dogma after their 325 counsel they killed 1000s of true bros who refused this apostasy. I will take you on at any time on your dogma in front of your subs. I will do so unprepared. Get all your notes ready. Do all your home work to show your dogma superior to God's not mine. Get your yes men all together with you. You demons gird yourselves. I will defeat all of you in order. Not to vindicate me but save. I'll do it on a live show at a place and time you choose. I will examine your fruit and be open to same. You have no shot. Your no expert. Im here to save ppl from you then their souls. But 1st they gotta get away from you. Your wisdom is dung. Your works refuse. Your holiness profane. What say you? Prove to your ppl how holy you r. The apostate books r good only for the mature to fight satans dogma. It will damage babes. I have an 188 item apostasy list because of it. You cant scratch a single list item. All the chances in the world 2. In fact when my video is done i wont have to do anything but show the list. It id's every apostate on earth. Its inescapable. Only those who serve have truth. This ain't serving its collecting. Vanity. Seeking honor from men. Your an imposter. Proof anyone can have a channel. Careful you dont stab yourself with your sword. Gal 1:8. Due 4:2. John 8:28. 1 john 4:1. 1 tim 4:1. 2 tim 3:5,16,17. Ti 1:16. Matt 7:13-26 or so. Your fruits are rotten. Bro bill bill cur channel

  3. Im being censored to suppress trurh. Rom 1. Youtube is involved. So if you or any of you need to take me on go to the bill cur channel leave any message including an x your marked lol. Its not a debate its a full exposure. Gliry to Yahweh and Yeshua

  4. Facts: there are hundreds of variant versions of Christian Bibles none match each other or the koine Greek NT Papyrus or Hebrew Tanakh Bible or Dead sea scrolls from 310bce

  5. also Judaism is not a "color" or race…Many of the greatest Jews were converts such as Ruth.
    Claiming the "real Jews are white or black" is against Torah and racist. Many Ashkenazim are from Sephardim middle East origin. No matter. In Israel we have Jews from all races Afrikan Asian Russian European etc. Come here and see. Only Americans come up with this racist nonsense. My wife Ethiopian Yemenite Jew….I am Russian. Shalom

  6. let's remind everyone the original New Testament is in koine Greek.

    It is very different than any New Testament used today.

    Look up "koine Greek NT Papyrus" . Compare.
    Hundreds of words and passages missing. The koine Greek is from 125ce and the oldest New Testament Scriptures ever found.

    Compare any Christianised old Testament to the Dead sea scrolls..also very different.

  7. How do you reconcile the report about serapis coming well before him that is known as jesus doing again what serapis had already done

  8. I found the apocrypha to be very helpful and insightful, so yes we should read it and others. For example in Macabees (sp?) the true origin of Chanucah thus not the rabbi story of oil lasting eight days. Not as exciting but truthful and accurate.

  9. I did some research and found that "he who adds or takes away from the scriptures" (REVELATION 22:18-19 KJV) could mean changing the interpretation of scriptures in order to create false doctrine. Just like with fornication, drinking, divorce, etc…

  10. you didn't mention that the Catholic church does not have all of the Apocrypha books in them…1 and 2 Ezdras is not in the Catholic bible so your being decietful…

  11. Check this out to see why the Apocrypha is not part of the Bible. For one, Scripture denounces it.. Jesus did not accept it as such…
    Watch "The Truth About the Apocrypha and the Lost Books of the Bible" on YouTube

  12. Textus Receptus comes from the Brizintine empire. Do you know what your talking about Brother.

    The Ethiopian bible also has the

    1 and 2 Clement and early church bishops writting

    Other list
    Chronicles (incl. the Prayer of Manasseh)
    I Ezra[4]
    II Ezra[4]
    Ezra Sutuel[4]
    I, II and III Meqabyan

    Jeremiah (incl. Lamentations, Letter of Jeremiah, Baruch and 4 Baruch)


    Other books in the Ethiopian bible

    Sirate Tsion (the book of order)
    Tizaz (the book of Herald)
    The I book of Dominos
    The II book of Dominos
    The book of Clement

  13. Definitely right! Bible in this case is only a basis, not complete, edited and contains many mistranslations. You would be amazed what bible kept hidden. Thank you brother, 🙏👍

  14. This is true, they removed alot of books out of the Bible. I read the Forgotten Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden. The books of Nicodemus about The King of Glory Jesus 👑 was in the tomb but His Spirit went in the grave to take the sting out of death and Satan thought that he had Jesus 👑 bond, but Jesus 👑, who is the King of Glory weas raised out of the grave by the Heavenly Father 🔱, Almighty God 🔱 so Jesus 👑 done conquered the grave and is risen snd He is coming back soon in the clouds to bring all of us who are faithfully obeying Him,He's going to take us home with Him. Yes! the books of Hermas, the books of the Macabees, even some books of Enoch is in this book. Also the Books of Adam and Eve 1&2 are in this book. The Prodigian, The book of the Infant Jesus 👑 when He was little is in this book. Praise God 🔱 in Jesus 👑! ! These books filled in the holes of my King James version of the Bible.

  15. I have the Apocrypha, The book of Jasher, and of Enoch because the MOST HIGH GOD mentioned them in the OLD Testament. Truth is out here and we need to get it before they can it.

  16. The Apocrypha is not God inspired. The Apocrypha contains the four hundred years that God was silent. The books of the Bible that we have are all we are to have . The Apologetic Post .org this person is not stirring you correctly Don Blackwell of Worldview Bible. org Do your RESEARCH BECAUSE this is definitely incorrect the Apocrypha are what they call the lost books of the Bible which is a combination of how the Jews counted as books old and new and then the Catholic Church added some books and writings because there were things to them that did not make sense but this is not correct either . The Jews did not hear any prophecy from Micah until Jesus whatever it was a four hundred years (yes the one ☝️ and only white Jesus) and in Luke , Matthew well all through the New Testament Jesus assures and confirms the Old Testament and the New pretty much is all ABOUT HIS FATHER, and HOLY SPIRIT AND OF COURSE HIM you have all sixty six books you need ALL CANONIZED GOD INSPIRED my prayer is that you find the truth because we have it :)!!! Mr.Watchman is totally incorrect on this

  17. The Apocrypha has scritures of witchcraft certainly not of TMH Tobit 6:5-7 and it got off the wall scriptures like 2 Edras 7:28-30 it say Jesus lived for 400 years and after he dies no man remained on earth smh it might seem right because it got righteous talk but so many false teaching and off history certainly not of TMH

  18. Peace and Blessings unto you @Watchmanreports . Mines is on the way. The Most High has been tugging at my soul to seek out this book. Blessings….Shalom🙏

  19. Keep providing to the lost sheep truth. I'm one of the found sheep that now knows truth about Yahuah and his truth is setting me free from the bondage of the world. Hallelujah Peace and blessings Shalom family.

  20. Is it not possible for the Lord our God to preserve his word? O ye of little faith…. Ecclesiasticus Prologue "Ye are intended therefore to read with favor and attention and pardon us if any parts of what we have labored to interpret, we may seem to fail and some of the phrases"…What?, If the Catholics included them that should raise red flags…. Quote from Josephus"We (Jews) have not 10,000 books among us, disagreeing and contradicting one another, but only 22 books which contain the records of all time, and are justly believed to be divine" which is the same as our 39 book Canon . 5 books of law written by Moses 13 of them cover from the time of Moses to King Artaxerrxes…time of Malachi….and the remaining 4 contains hymms and precepts for human life and goodliness…these books were not acceptable to the Jews….Study to find thyself approved….We are living in the time of the great deception…. We must search out all matters through the most high, Jashers maybe.i don't know at this point..but I'm an sure Almighty God has no problem in preserving his word….and we have the strongs Concordance to help us understand deeper meaning…..

  21. Jesus, Paul, and Jude all refer to texts not found in our current bibles. When Paul said study to show yourself approved by God, he was talking about these. So the answer is YES.

  22. Brother, read the book of Adam and Eve. Reading it brought me to tears and showed the true struggle of man after the fall and how God was with them all their days and loved them despite their transgression. Reading that made my faith all the more stronger, which is why I think they keep the apocrypha out! They don't want us to know the full extent of God's love for us!

  23. God is not the author of confusion. The Hebrews rejected the apocrypha. It is from the Greeks. The devils you call them the edom ites. I dont understand why you would need deisernment of scripture the gospel is inspired by God. It is black and white. There should be no confusion for the person who has the holy spirit. Plz do not be deceived.

  24. My Hebrew name is Chiam Avram Ben Pinchas Ha Cohain that means Of The Tree of Life Son of Peter the High Priest I don't understand, are you Messianic Jews or are you Christians studying Jewish Texts? It almost sounds like you are talking about the Kaballah the forbidden books of the Old Testament. There is a reason that only the most learned men should open those books. One must read and understand the Talmud, the Torah, and the entire Old Testament and all of its different additions by learned Rabbis over the ages. By the way, your computer is freezing up for a reason, you should be very careful with your teachings as if you draw the attention of the true Kabbalists, you could be in real true danger. Good (after) Shabbos and Shalom to all.

  25. Yeah I've read quite a few books in the Apocrypha and no I don't believe what it says too far out for for me some of the things that is said I would have took it out of my Bible to I will keep on reading though because whatever I so far it's not that good and what I do know is Satan was around back then too sound like something he would believe in not God

  26. the book of Jubilees and Jasher kind of contradict themselves. They have different accounts of Esau's death. IN the book of Jubilees Jacob kills Esau but in Jasher its Dan's son. Which one is correct?

  27. PROVERBS 3:5-6


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