Is it unlawful for two persons studying the word to fall in love, Ask Watchman

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  1. There is two in particular unrighteous marriage and falling in love scenarios; and that's when two men or two women are calling themselves falling in love or getting married. The lady is free to marry whom ever she pleases, as long as the person that she is seeing is not married or if he is, he would have to give this other woman a divorce if she's committing adultery. If the woman that he is currently married to just want to be promiscuous and want stop, then, he need to divorce that woman.

  2. yep… he already made his mind up!
    me nd my wife been through hell nd back!! we stuck it through and are HAPPILY MARRIED now goin on 8 years of Straight LOVE!!! with the occasional bump in the road, lol but that's it.. brotha shld put ALL that effort into his wife!! that's what I did, after my wife literally put me through the worst! I LOVE YHWH for Givin me the strength to deal with it nd to bring us back to reality… this hits home for me…

  3. Me honestly I'm not a fan of polygamy but if a married man were to have a 2nd wife then wouldn't he have to have some sort of a romance with the new woman before he marrys how does that work

  4. How percentage of your ethnicity makes you hebrew? Is it only from your father? Or only from your mother? Is there also scriptures?

  5. Shalo m when you are married you must resist temptations for another person, it's similar to you loving Yah and being in a spiritual relationship with our father you are not going to let someone present another God to you and try to temp you to follow after another God, so DO NOT GO OUTSIDE OF YOUR MARRIAGE FOR ANY REASON, if you all are having problems add prayer to the marriage. Look to Yah for guidance and PRAY HARD!!!! And endure as long as there is no abuse in the MARRIAGE.

  6. This is emotional adultery since one person is now free to marry. This is spiritual abuse as well in my opinion. Out of order.

  7. The thing that I'm wondering is whether or not it's the man who's abusive to his wife and is trying to manipulate this other woman into thinking that he's the victim when in fact he's the predator.

  8. i believe that a women and a man should not be friends if they are both married or 1 is and the others not. because that will end up leading to something else look up the definition of friend and u will c what it means then examine ur situation and see if it would seem right to you….. if both r single then its ok because u start as being a friend to get 2 know each other before the ext level starts.

  9. Whichever one is married is wrong, period. This is why you just don't do it at all, if you're married you don't hang out with members of the opposite sex. Abuse is wrong on any level

  10. Luke 16:18 Whosoever putteth away his wife, and marrieth another, committeth adultery: and whosoever marrieth her that is put away from her husband committeth adultery. Family we need to stop being in our flesh and take the narrow road of righteousness that few follow or findeth

  11. What is a married person doing studying together with a a single person…started out wrong and has ended up with them entering into emotional adultery…this man is wrong and judging from his behavior with this woman l can discern why his marriage is probably in trouble. He doesn't know what boundaries are supposed to be set in a marriage.

  12. Quick question…is the ten young virgins about pologymy? They were waiting for Yahusha right? Not a human man…

  13. This woman should be ashamed of herself for interacting with someone else's husband. How would she feel if the shoe was on the other foot. She is definitely not a Yah led spiritual woman! There are spirits involved..demonic spirits!

  14. Some people try to play dumb when it comes to these types of situations. The Ruach Ha'kodesh is not going to condone what the Word has already said is sin!!! Adultery is not just sexual intercourse. It is any type of intimacy between a married person and someone other than their spouse. As a man thinks in his heart so is he…

  15. good teaching so many people need to hear thank for letting YAH, lead & guide you two. In YAHUSHA NAME. HALLELUYAH!!!!


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