Is Nashville Being Judg ed by the Most High

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Comment (26)

  1. Are you aware there is a replica of the Greek Parthenon in Nashville? I visited in 1995 and was stunned to see the huge statues of Greek gods and goddesses. Look up Nashville Parthenon on YouTube. I have been to Greece and this is much like the one I visited in Athens in 1967.

  2. That is really terrible and this is the first time I've seen this kind of devastation and it is judgement time and you right my brother we all better get ready and repent of our sins shalom.

  3. Excuse Me, but Oklahoma is always being hit by Tornadoes, even in the 1950's. So your Graph is wrong. Oklahoma even has a place called Tornado Alley where the Tornadoes go through there several times a year since 1700's

  4. πŸ™ Amen! Good message, thank you for sharing it. People wake up!!!! The God most high Jesus Christ is coming very soon. God bless you all . Shalom! β€οΈπŸ™


  6. This needs to happen in Nashville those are the most racist States ever God made to tear it down and rebuild them

  7. Let Yah's will be done as it is written brother. We are in the tribulation as prophesied. I pray that all be worthy to escape the coming wrath of Yahuah. Unforuntely, this is not the case. Yahusha is King of Kings and is coming back for the Ekklesia and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Please wake up before its too late.

  8. We all have sinned against the most high myself included.but what the white man has done takes it to another level putting drugs in the inner city communities and dividing us which caused self ha hatred is one of the many rearsons this country is being judged so severely now.

  9. Altho i believe these are last days events, i think some of this is HAARP, but the evil people running the world are causing the famines also

  10. you guys are worried about the wrong thing's Deborah Yah and Watchman. you guys will be highly judged for this. you are misleading his people and are leading them to the slaughter (Jacob's trouble).

    2 Baruk Chapters 24 through 30 tells you the signs of the earth to look for and the plagues.

    when you see these plagues you need to get out of America.

    Isaiah 48:20, Zach 2:6-7, Revelations 18:4 (this whole chapter is talking about the Destruction of America.

    you can see that in 2 Ezra (Esdras) Chp 15:28:45 war will start between America and Iran and Saudi Arabia WW3. America will be destroyed. Note! also Yahuah tells you in this same chapter that he will not deliver you because you all failed to obey Yahuah's word to come out of America and now. since you disobeyed and did other things, that you all will remain in America and receive the plagues and death that he will bring upon America (Coronavirus, Famine, Recession, the sword and death.

    you can see in 2 Baruk Chp 39 That America will be destroyed

    this also connects to Jeremiah Chp 50 and 51. (these are the nation's that will destroy America after the in Iraq starts WW3.

    I'm trying to warn you guys, because once these planes shut down then that is it. Jacob's trouble with kick off.

    And Deborah Yah and Watchman will be to blame, but at the same time, everyone here has independent mindsets and can think for themselves and can read and study for themselves as well. so please read, study what I have given you. understand prophecy.

    and most importantly come out of America please!!!!

    there is no such thing as spiritual Babylon, our ancestors fought real battles, not spiritual battles. America's system is not everywhere, Yahuah would have never told us to come out and get within his borders (Genesis 15:18) for nothing…

  11. I live in Nashville and its alot of pagan idols downtown Nashville. But my family and me was not harmed because we are followers of TMH AHAYAH! Happy Sabbath day!

  12. And right after this the corona hit the entire world. And now heat waves and fires consuming certain states again along with this pandemic…


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