Is Planet X Nibiru in the Bible?

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  1. You say most music is "demonic" and full of idolatry.
    You people are being just as "demonic".
    You can't even read from books, authored by any Black individual.
    Black folk are just too extreme,1 for their own benefit.

  2. + Enoch is just partial truth with lies, 4 it is nothing but more snake oil salesmens' pagan, man-made OutUrSpace mythology LegAcies, 4 GOD Deniers 2 WhoreShip 2 nasa cern, 4 their "n.w.o." DIpUtS' GoVernMent !!!/…

  3. I just started watching a couple of your videos a couple days ago and you truly have a good word and knowing scripture that is yeshua truth..but Genesis is 100% correct when it said God's face moved upon the darkness of the deep Waters and divided the waters above the firmament from the waters below a firmament divide means a straight line this is why it's called a horizon in this is why this reality is a flat plane with no rotation and our sun and move truly do move along the flat plane in every distance illuminating only parts of this beautiful earth and its foundations at a time.. our heavenly father did say Earth was his footstool and there's so many scriptural references to this reality being a flat non-spinning plane with The luminaries moving above us.. I just feel so bad that this is one of Satan's largest deceptions and it is causing a serious divide and everyone and we cannot convey nor keep credibility in any of the information that we pass along to each other because we are not on the same page..I'm 40 years old and realize the only reason I ever believe this place was a sphere is because men indoctrinated me with that level of education which was never true… And even as a child I grew up in a part of the country where you could see another cities skyline from 60 miles off the shoreline from where I was standing any day you wanted to regardless of any weather conditions and for the life of me I couldn't understand how is that possible even at a very young age like 7..and now at 40 there is no part of physics that would allow anything to be upside down at this point of time in this reality none of it makes sense and all of it is pseudoscience… have come to this understanding… They have lied to us on a large scale and we have to know this in our heart

  4. Watchman Yahu, I subscribe and watch almost every video you put out; but, I'm very disappointed this time that you believe the earth is a globe with NASA's outer space crap. Come on, Bro, I expected you of all people to know better than that. And you believe in their gravity nonsense too!? SMH!!!😢

  5. Scientists also denied the biblical flood until recently as well. It could also be the 9th planet the summerians spoke of and documented thousands of years ago.

  6. In 2011 I had a vision and blessed be the most high everything in that Vision I found in scripture. this vision is what brought me to Christ. In this Vision the sky was gone, but there was something up there that was darker than dark and it was very large I look at it for a while but then I decided not to I turned away I didn't look for it in Scripture don't know why I didn't but now that you are explaining this giant thing in the sky I believe that it is possible because I saw it in a vision.

  7. Why doesn't gravity pull down birds?…..why doesnt it pull down a raft? Does water interrupt gravity? Is gravity biblical? Answers please

  8. You've got to pick a side. Yahuah or man. There can be no blending. NASA is deceptive. They show no proof of space or other planets. People blindly believe NASA.

  9. Gravity is not real up is up down is down. No one can explain gravity. The earth with gravity would have pulled the moon into us.

  10. A long time ago the Lord gave me two dreams in a row about Nibiru. The first dream he showed me was that me and my daughter Grace were sitting on a hill looking up at the sky, which symbolically was me sitting with Gods grace. I saw something that looked like a second sun , but it was smaller than our sun. I knew we were about to die and I told me daughter it was ok because we were about to go home to be with the Lord. As this thing got closer and closer I saw that it looked like it was burning on fire. Than before it crashed into earth and everything went black I saw a vision of the numbers 33.3. Which is actually a number symbol for the sun but I didnt know that then. The next night I dreamed the world was warned that Nibiru was coming. There was this eerie silence as everyone waited for it. I asked a group of people if they knew Jesus, only a couple raised their hands so I told them who Jesus was and prayed with them. As this thing got closer to earth I could feel the atmosphere change. Than I looked to my right and saw an old school students desk with numbers engraved on it. I only saw the last 3 numbers and they were 33.3 and it hit me, that those would be the numbers I saw right before I died. First of all I want to say that I have seen Nirbiru with my own eyes and I have even caught it on camera. HOWEVER, the Lord revealed to me that it is a lying sign and wonder from satan. You also gotta ask yourself, why is it appearing and disappearing? If it was real, it would always be there. There are conspiracy theorists who claim chem trails cover it up. This is stupid! The only thing in the bible which might even suggest it exists is the star that falls from the heaven called wormwood which makes the waters bitter. While stars dont actually fall, so this is a symbol, which I actually think is a hydrogen bomb, here is how Nibiru fits the wormwood scenario. Before I tell you, I have to tell you one of the first dreams God gave me, even before I was christian. For those of you who know this already, bare with me, you will see where Im getting at. In this vision me and Jesus were sitting on a rock in the middle of the ocean. He told me I was beautiful. He told me "The time is coming soon when no one is going to be able to drink the water" than we stood up on the rock and he showed me a vision of a small river and said "This is how much water that is going to be left that is good in the world"In the bible, the water is where the dragon and the people are and the water symbolizes TRUTH. The star which falls from heaven and poisons the water (truth) is the lie of Nibiru. God says satan comes with all lying signs and wonders. Nibiru is a lying sign and it is a lying wonder which is polluting the truth (The word of God) with lies creating false doctrines which also fear mongers. It is totally unbiblical. When my daughter was 9 she dreamed that 2 Jesus came in the sky and she didnt know which one was the real one. This is because satan counterfeits. If Jesus is called the "Sun of righteousness" in Mal 4:2 than satan will counterfeit that "sun". To everyone who feel for this lie or contributed in promoting or teaching it, like I did at one point.I urge you to repent and adhere to sound doctrine.

  11. There is no space Bible says there water above you so we're is space there 10 level to the frimment

  12. Christian Bible says it so it must be true.
    There are lots of religions arpund the earth which actually emphasises science(Hinduism, Buddhism etc) and other older religion(Jewism, Hinuism, Buddhism, Jainism)

    Oh of NASA says earth is globe then it must be false.
    There are lots of other space agencies such as Roscosmos, ESA, ISRO, Chinese Space Org., Space X etc. And most are not really good friend of NASA.

  13. The earth is flat. It's just as FATHER YAH described it in The book of Genesis and other scriptures in the bible! There are no planets no vast universe no space. If it was FATHER YAH would have told us.

  14. Don't believe in gravity but density. The earth is flat and in a firmament so where are the other planets. The sun moon and stars move around us in the firmament. There are no planets and nasa is a lie. Stars will fall fr the sky.


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