Is the Marriage bed U n d efiled?

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Comment (39)

  1. What scriptures is it about making him prove himself if he is wanting to court/marriage? I know the one about guard your heart.

  2. I know from experience that TMH can bless you with being on the edge of ecstasy for days just from holding the beloved's hands.

  3. Abba Yah used Solomon as an example of what we were not suppose to do. Having all these different women in your home can turn your heart away from the Most High Yah..

  4. I'm so happy you are putting this out because our men and women need to hear this and they are sitting a bad example for the younger generations I pray that the Most High will help us keep his LAW !

  5. JESUS has done away with ceremonial law: Hebrews 9:10 "Which stood only in meats and drinks, and divers washings, and carnal ordinances, imposed on them until the time of reformation."

    This is why dressing the way they had to in the past has not been practiced since the first coming of Jesus. Only today were men fooled by the CIA under the gangstalking program they've been running since 2012.

  6. In freedom,there were multiple wives. Where in captivity are their multiple wives? Please tell all the men who want multiple wives you must match the wealth. There are some men who can't afford a wife in other countries now!

  7. If we read the statues under the covenant,pertaining to the time it is "safe" to reproduce with one woman mankind would be non-existent. If monogamy was in practice.

  8. What made me seek deeper in my hebrew awaking, I thought when He was white He was a gentle loving father, but now that He is black He everything but. That didn't set well. THANK YOU. I believe I found someone to fellowship with and learn from.

  9. Wow I am just seeing this… This is Good Teaching and True Facts we “must” do “everything” decency and in order in the eyes of TMH at all times

  10. Shalom Mishpacha, Kan you all are so right, those ppl in lust to mistaken the marriage bed to be limitless are merely demons bounding women/men too, and bankrupting their investment in the kingdom which will lead these victims to the marine kingdom. Mixing culture that is not of YAH. Straight up witchcraft and trickery to bind the spirit over a child of light

  11. The notion to even use kingdom building as an excuse is absolutely ridiculous. Most of them are building poverty and eventually abandoning their responsibilities leaving children fatherless and homeless.

  12. So Paul said if you cant control your (lust) get married? What if you marry a woman who dont like sex? Regular sex..then if she dont mind you getting another wife,,, why not do it?

  13. When it comes to Jacob, Leah,
    and Rachel what people don't realize is that not only was Jacob tricked but Leah was forced to do the tricking. Her father forced her to lay with Jacob.

    Why? Because he wanted to get rid of her. Leah had no suitors probably never had none. And Leban wanted to get her out of his house. He most likely threathen her and told her that if she does not lay with Jacob he would put her put.

    Surprise!! Welcome to biblical patriarch where women back in biblical days had no rights.

  14. I remember about 5 years when i came cross this scripture when i read it i knew why then they do what they do

  15. Most of the times when I hear men talk about wanting polygamous marriage…they say it's for familial reasons and to protect the women…(rolls eyes)…they also say woman must have own house etc… Now if I live in my own house, raising my own children then that makes him a visitor and I would essentially be raising my kids alone. They need to make appointment to see Daddy! ! How is he going to protect me if he doesn't even live with me and my kids ? Nigga plz leave me alone with that garbage …you are either my husband or someone else's!

  16. Halleluyah! my dear sister Deborah, and brother watchman. continue to cry aloud! and spare not. I pray that ABBA YAH, will continue to talk to you, through you, and for you. Shalom family.🙌👀🙌💙

  17. I've always watched your videos but today I binged watched while at eork.I have cried,laughed but most of all I've learned so much.Thanking The Most High for you both!tfs💜

  18. What about if a man was married have divorced her and remarried another…? Must he divorce her and go back to her first wife while she is still alive?

    Because we see in the New Testament that Yahuwshuah is the Lawgiver and declared the one Marriage as the Law til death!

    Remarriage is adaultry!! It is against the Law of Yahuwah!!!

  19. I have been struggling in my marriage for a long time with sex. I do not desire to have sex with my husband because he wants me to help him visualize a fantasy of me with another woman. I am not comfortable with this at all and he keeps brining it up. I just turned 40 in December so I do have a lower desire for sex but I feel disconnected to my husband because of is fantasy. There's more that I can't post here but I have been upset for a long time. What do you suggest I do?

  20. That's what people of this world do. I would not do it not even for a husband. If its anyone other than me and he, its not right.


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